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District Six land claimants are expected to return to their homes, as the City of Cape Town gets ready to issue occupancy letters.

The municipality is expected to hand over these letters from Friday.

In February, the City conducted inspections of the homes and discovered that there were problems with them.

The department of Land Reform and Rural Development was then tasked to fix the issues.

There has been widespread anger from land claimants and beneficiaries, after some elderly claimants died without living in their new homes.

Cape Town’s deputy mayor and political head of spatial planning, Eddie Andrews, says city officials have concluded their inspections.

“The City is now in the position to issue occupancy letters – confirming the buildings compliance to safety standards – in respect of almost all the completed units. Those that still require remedial work, will be identified by the City, in the hope that any further rectification work can be speedily implemented.” – Eddie Andrews, Cape Town’s Deputy Mayor and Mayoral Committee Member for Spatial Planning and Environment


Image: District Six website

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