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The DA wants control of the police to rest at provincial level.

The party’s leader, Mmusi Maimane, has been in the Western Cape this weekend to assess the party’s readiness for next year’s elections.

We asked him about the current spate of violent protest in the Province.

Maimane believes that “paralegal systems are in place. (In some) communities … there are drug syndicates which determine what services can go in – and what services can’t. And in some instances, there is a genuine fight for political instability so as to begin to undermine the electoral processes that building up to next year.”

But Maimane is adamant that it’s a problem that can be solved by policing – specifically by better intelligence.

That’s where he feels the DA’s “policy position … going into next year’s election will make a loud call that the control of the police needs to be brought down to provinces. If you can do that, you can bring intelligence services (to bear) and you can better anticipate all of these protests.”

He also revealed that the party’s track record in the Western Cape is going to be the focal point of their upcoming election message.

Maimane says that this is where they’ve proved they can govern effectively. He told us that “when you contrast the Western Cape with every other province in the country, you discover that unemployment is lower than anywhere else. (That’s) simply as a function of a capable state. I want to bring that nationally as a proof case that we can bring order to South Africa”.

But Maimane admits that the message will be attacked by other parties over issues like the DA’s handling of the de Lille saga. He says, “we’re going to work hard to keep communicating (our) message as best we can.”

He claims that the de Lille saga “has everything to do with accountability. We have to get people to understand that this is about accountability, and running a capable state.”


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