The DA in the Western Cape says it’s resolved to suspend former Cape Town mayoral committee member for human settlements, Malusi Booi,

But the party says it’s struggling to reach him to serve him with notice of suspension.

The party took the decision on Thursday during its special executive council meeting.

Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis fired Booi as a mayco member, over fraud and corruption allegations.

DA provincial chairperson, Jaco Londt says they have handed the matter over to their lawyers.

“Since the PEC meeting on Thursday, several attempts to serve the intention to suspend papers on Councillor Malusi Booi have been unsuccessful. This is despite the fact that during two separate telephone conversations, he was alerted to the need to serve the documents on him, and on one occasion, Councillor Booi did not honour a meeting agreed on. The matter is now with party lawyers for the sheriff of the court to serve the intention to suspend letters”.

Meanwhile, housing advocacy groups are calling on Hill-Lewis to be transparent about corruption allegations within the human settlements directorate.

Reclaim the City’s Bevil Lucas says citizens need to know what’s actually happening.

“The evidence can’t belong to the City administration. It belongs to the people of Cape Town. They need to know what evidence is there and how it would be dealt it in terms of being accountable to the citizenry”.

Ndifuna Ukwazi’s Buhle Booi says people can’t continue to make persistent assumptions while the municipality has the details.

“On the principle of setting precedence around good governance that there’s no public official that should use public funds for their own interest or commit fraudulent activities. It’s very important that we reject those types of tendencies”.