Curro Holdings and student union, COSAS, have agreed on a zero-tolerance toward racism and cyberbullying at schools.

The two parties held talks on Wednesday, following allegations of racism at the Curro Somerset West High School.

It’s understood that a grade-nine learner at the school, had been sending racial threats via WhatsApp to another pupil.

Curro confirmed that threatening voice notes were sent to the victim after school hours, and internal disciplinary processes were instituted.

The school did add that the two students are from the same race group.

Spokesperson, Natasha Mkhize, says they had a successful meeting with the union.

“The outcome of the meeting, therefore, confirmed that all parties have the same goal in mind. The group reiterates that it is completely committed to unity and racial cohesion and does not condone any form of discrimination, cyber bullying, religious intolerance, hate speech, derogatory language, or anything that affects the dignity of a human being, across all its schools. During the meeting, no disruptions took place and as a priority, the school’s learners were kept safe.”