Taxis may soon be able to operate on the B97 route, between Bellville and Paarl, again.

This comes as taxi associations, CATA and CODETA, reached an agreement on the contentious route.

It’s been closed for more than a year now, following killings and violence among operators affiliated with the two associations.

CATA and CODETA have now agreed to “co-exist and provide bi-directional services”.

Last year, an arbitrator ruled that both the associations have a right to run their operations on the route.

However, they were not happy with that order.

But now, those concerns appear to have been addressed.

Western Cape Mobility MEC, Daylin Mitchell, says the associations will soon start applications for new operating licenses.

“I want to commend the industry leadership for their commitment to this peace process. The route will in the meantime remain closed until the regulatory process has been finalised. It should be noted that the replacement Golden Arrow bus service will continue to operate in parallel to the taxi service post the re-opening of the route until all bus tickets/clip-cards have expired”.

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