The City of Cape Town will now start helping women who have suffered discrimination as housing beneficiaries.

Last week, the Equality Court ruled that the housing policy was unconstitutional, as it was discriminatory against married women.

But the municipality claims the policy in question was the one that was utilised before the current City administration was established in 2000.

It says the Metro has a separate housing program from the now-repealed national government policy.

It’s pledged to attend to women living in the historical housing stock.

Mayoral Committee Member for Human Settlements, Malusi Booi, says at least 12 000 beneficiaries are affected by the policy change.

“As the City of Cape Town, we have our own policy which does not discriminate [against] women, and it recognizes women and men as equal. What we going to do going forward is to go out there to our communications plan, and make sure that all the affected, they come forward, so that we can be able to assist them.”


Image: Facebook/Malusi Booi