The Women’s Legal Centre says it hopes the City of Cape Town will abide by a ruling over its housing allocation policy.

The Equality Court has ordered the City to amend its housing policy deemed exclusionary and discriminatory towards women.

The Women’s Legal Centre and Legal Resources Centre approached the courts on behalf of Gadijah Abdullah — who is divorced.

The Centre says her property was available for transfer after her husband concluded a sale agreement.

But she faced many challenges when applying for a housing subsidy.

The City has been ordered to amend the policy.

The Women’s Legal Centre’s Seehaam Samaai says City bosses have made a commitment to rectify the issue.

“And that they are taking charge of the particular process to ensure that women’s names are on the contract. That is why the court has ordered that there needs to be a media campaign to advertise the particular order and its impact – and that women should verify or check that their names have been allocated to the contract.”


Image: Facebook/Women’s Legal Centre