City of Cape Town bosses says local businesses have had to divert significant operational funds just to keep the lights on.

The City was able to shield its electricity customers from blackouts this past weekend, but that’s because Eskom only imposed Stage Two over the evening peak.

Last week, even Cape Town was exposed to repeated power outages.

The City’s Political Head for Economic Opportunities, James Vos, says these rolling blackouts are crippling companies.

Vos says green energy must now become a priority.

“In addition to being a source of jobs, and economic growth; with the most sustained sunlight in the world and ideal wind power potential, renewable energy is the solution to South Africa’s electricity woes.”

His call comes as the City blames Eskom’s rolling blackouts for the water quality issues that have hit several suburbs over the past week.

Residents were asked to boil tap water before drinking or cooking with it.

The good news, though, is that the City has now declared the water safe for consumption, and the precautionary boil notice has been lifted.

Mayoral committee member for Water and Sanitation, Zahid Badroodien, says a three-day cleaning process had been underway at the Faure Water Treatment Plant.

That’s where the discolouration problem stems from.

No water from this facility was allowed into the City’s supply network for a number of days last week.

Badroodien says the rolling power cuts are definitely to blame.