The City of Cape Town has responded to a memorandum on electricity prices from consumer rights group, STOP City of Cape Town.

The group and other organisations handed over a memorandum of demands during a peaceful protest in August.

They handed over a 15-point memorandum to City officials on the 26th of August.

The groups gave the City seven working days to respond.

The stand-out demand was to urge the City of Cape Town to reduce its 17,6% electricity tariff increase to Nersa’s proposed 15,1%.

In its response, the City claims the increase was driven by Eskom’s 18.5% increase.

It says that, after Nersa approved the Eskom rate, preventing the municipality from recovering those increases from consumers is irrational.

In addition, the City says it will continue working to combat illegal connections which take away from residents who spend on electricity.