Residents living in an informal settlement near Kensington want to lay a criminal complaint against Cape Town law enforcement officers over alleged brutality.

On Saturday, 11 March officers removed an illegally built structure in 18th Avenue.

But according to Factreton Informal Settlement residents, the wendy house that was demolished was rebuilt after it was gutted by a fire.

Resident Megayvian Carolissen – says the officers didn’t have a court order to remove the structure.

“The Law Enforcement officers didn’t make a warning around the place and they then started shooting. After they shot at people, the community then stood up and threw stones at them. We feel what they did and how they came to the community was unlawful.

But, Cape Town Law Enforcement says officers followed the proper legal processes.

The City’s Wayne Dyason says residents threw objects at the officers who then retaliated.

“Following the crowd becoming riotous, including hurling stones and petrol bombs at staff members, officers discharged rubber rounds in the interests of public safety given the violent conduct. A case was opened at Goodwood SAPS for public violence and assault. Someone in the crowd also set a dog on the officers, resulting in two officers being bitten – one was taken to hospital for medical treatment”.