Cape Town Mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis, says the City’s latest energy purchasing scheme is a first for the country.

Hill-Lewis engaged with energy stakeholders on Monday, where he detailed the City’s plans to become energy secure.

He says it’ll pay cash to commercial and industrial electricity generators to feed any excess energy they produce back to the City’s grid.

According to Hill-Lewis, this incentive will no longer reflect just as municipal account credit – but will be actual cash payments.

He added another major change to the previous rules.

These “generating customers” can now sell more electricity to the City than they buy from it.

Hill-Lewis hopes this’ll put Cape Town on track to end rolling black-outs.

“It may well look back in years to come and see all of our factories, warehouses, and distribution centres covered with solar investment and see this intervention made the difference. Each one of the commercial customers who want to feedback and be paid for their power, those need to register with the City by the 31st of August 2022”.