The Western Cape Child Commissioner says children’s exposure to violence in their communities, schools and even their homes is the reason they’re not doing well.

National crime statistics between July and September, paint a grim picture of violence against young boys and girls.

During that time, 315 children were murdered, 294 murder attempts were made and nearly one-thousand-900 children were assaulted.

Commissioner Christina Nomdo says violence must be stopped, where it starts.

“Children tell me their homes are some of the most dangerous places they must navigate daily. I call on parents to be good role models to their children, to protect them from harm and to build a relationship of connectedness with their children.”

And as we kick off 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children, Nomdo says more action is needed.

The anti-GBVF organisation, iLitha Labantu, is calling on communities to take a stand against crimes against women and children.

The organisation will kick off the launch of its 16 days of activism campaign with the two motorcades.

iLitha Labantu spokesperson, Siya Monakali, says the processions will be in Paarl and Phillipi.

“Both of these motorcades are under the theme of reclaiming our streets. And this is a call to action to take a rightful stand against violence against women and children.”