There are already some issues to be dealt with a week after a limited Central Line service has resumed.

The Central Line had not been in operation since 2019, as a result of theft and vandalism.

Efforts to recover the line were then hampered by a community that sprang up along the railway during the hard lockdown.

Last week a section of the railway line was reopened, with trains operating between Cape Town and Langa via Pinelands, and Langa and Bellville via Sarepta.

That experience was, however, marred with technical glitches.

Metrorail’s Zino Mihi emphasised that last week was a trial operation, and says they’re looking into the issues.

“We are also investigating whether there was any form of sabotage, or it was just the technical glitches. That whole line is still being tested. We hope that we will be having a line that has improved, it terms of its operation.”


Image: Twitter/Fikile Mbalula