The Cape Coloured Congress is accusing Cape Town’s current administration of covering up a massive theft of money in a housing tender scandal.

The party was responding to Mayor Geordon Hill-Lewis’s comments about a forensic report that probed certain housing tenders and the upgrading of council rental units.

He said the findings revealed no corruption or fraudulent activities.

The Mayor, indicated that the officials who were found guilty of violating what he called “control mechanisms” were disciplined – and said that others had left.

He handed over the report to the City’s Municipal Public Accounts Committee and law enforcement agencies.

The purpose of the M-PAC is to oversee the financial management of the municipality.

Cape Coloured Congress Leader, Fadiel Adams, says some committee members aren’t happy with how the report is being handled.

” The Mayor fought tooth and nail to keep us out of the M-PAC committee. The M-PAC members aren’t happy with the way this thing is conducted. From what I understand, they are not allowed to take the report out of the civic and they are not allowed to take photographs. We don’t understand the secrecy. The report only went to M-PAC after we kicked up a fuss over it. TheĀ  M-PAC never heard of the report before that”.