A Cape Town consumer rights group is threatening to go to court if the City refuses to drop its electricity tariff.

Scores of people gathered outside the Civic Centre, on Saturday.

They’re demanding that the municipality immediately reduce its 17,6% tariff increase to Nersa’s proposed 15,1%.

The City has until next week Friday to respond to the grievances of consumer groups and political parties.

Founder of STOP CoCT, Sandra Dickson says she’s happy with the turnout.

“We hope that we made enough of an impact to actually get through to the hardened hearts of the city officials. We will not stop, we are gathering more information. We also looking at the option of taking the City to court over the issue”.

Meanwhile, Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis has criticized consumer rights groups and political parties that protested against the City’s increased electricity tariffs.

The municipality is adamant that the full council approved the electricity tariff.

Hill-Lewis says all groups and political parties should have used proper channels to voice their dissatisfaction about the figure.

“The record will show that these political parties and their allies have never made use of public participation or their cosy positions in national government to oppose Eskom’s increases and Nersa’s approval of 18,5%. They have also never fought in other towns and cities where they govern for the same protections that we are providing in Cape Town, including raising qualifying thresholds for lifeline electricity “.