Cape Town Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis is optimistic that the new camera technology set to be used by law enforcement officials will yield positive results in efforts to combat crime.

On Wednesday, Hill-Lewis, alongside Mayoral Committee member JP Smith unveiled body cameras that will be worn by City cops.

They also introduced dashboard cameras that will be installed in law enforcement vehicles.

Hill-Lewis says the City will equip 800 officers with body cameras and install over 200 dashboard-mounted cameras by the end of the financial year.

He says the new technology will increase trust and accountability in the municipal police and law enforcement, as interactions with the public will always be recorded.

“I think this is going to be the mechanism by which we actually make the City much safer for everyone. Once these technologies start to overlay on top of each other, you start to have a compound effect, where every officer, every vehicle out there, is doing several intelligence-gathering activities and giving that officer much better information, that’s when you will really start to see the compound effect of all this investment”.