The recent heavy rain has wreaked havoc in many Cape communities.

HeartFM News went to Bonteheuwel to assess the situation there on Monday.

The residents of Soetduring Street, along the canal, were the worst affected.

After the canal burst its banks, it took people up to five days to clear the water from their flooded homes.

And they’ve still got sandbags around their homes to prevent a repeat.

Some of the residents say they are yet to recover.

“Edwardene Brown, said, “There’s still a wet smell, and a lot of stuff is still wet. We had one person in our yard to dig trenches for (divert water). It took a whole day on Saturday for the person to complete this”.

Another resident said,” The toilet overflowed and we couldn’t use it. We had to remove a massive amount of water. It took three days clean the entire house”.

Residents here and elsewhere will need to brace themselves – as more downpours are predicted for the coming days.

Outside the Metro, the Cederberg Municipality wants that area to be declared a disaster area after a number of suburbs were lashed by floods.

A number of roads in the West Coast region have been damaged by disruptive rains.

The agriculture sector has also been impacted by the recent storms.

Some towns were cut off by the floods from the rest of the province, and aerial support is being used to deliver food to stranded communities.

Also, government crews have started to repair the damaged roads.

Cederberg municipality manager, Gerrit Matthyse, said, “We are providing water to the town from one borehole with one generator, the rest are submerged underwater. And if that last borehole is also submerged underwater that means we going to have 12 to 24 hours to supply water to that major town. That itself is a huge risk that we obviously hope and pray that’s not going to happen”.