The DA’s Cape Town caucus says it intends to hold another motion of no confidence in Mayor Patricia de Lille.

JP Smith, who’s deputy caucus leader for the party in the City, says today’s decision wasn’t taken lightly. Smith told Heart Fm News that, “the caucus gave this long consideration, and the decision … was overwhelmingly supported.”

Sources at the meeting say that two-thirds of the councillors voted in favour of asking for permission to hold another motion.

If the motion goes ahead, the caucus will vote on the matter internally. That means the issue won’t need to go before council, where it failed by one vote in February. Instead, an internal vote against de Lille will bring the DA’s new so-called “recall clause” into effect. That would see de Lille faced with a choice between resigning, or possibly being kicked out of the party.

According to Cape Town Council Speaker, Dirk Smit, in that scenario, de Lille can’t remain Mayor. He says the rules are that, if someone is elected to Council under the banner of a political party, they lose their seat if they stop being a member of that party. The mayor has to be a sitting councillor.

JP Smith says the party must now just get permission from its Federal executive to hold the vote. He says, “the caucus gave the caucus leadership a mandate to request such (permission). The decision is not something we control … nor what the Federal Executive decides to do once that motion has been entertained.”

That decision could come at any time. According to Smith, “it could take (just) days, or a week or more. Once a response is forthcoming; the motion will be placed on the agenda of the next available caucus meeting.”


(This story was updated on 18/04 to correct information on de Lille’s eligibility to be mayor if she is axed from the DA)