The Nyanga community says it will do everything in its power to prevent the closure of its clinic.

Residents throughout Cape Flats communities fear that some clinics in these areas will be closed down, once health facilities are transferred to the Provincial Health Department.

In the Western Cape’s Health budget, the department minster, Dr Nomafrench Mbombo, said nine health facilities in Cape Town will be transferred.

But, the City of Cape Town has denied claims that some clinics will be closed down.

Thulani Phike, of the Equal Right’s Forum, says local government should focus on upgrading existing clinics instead of closing them.

“Nyanga does not have a 24-hour healthcare system, they close at 18:00. So, if the City [and the provincial government are] serious, they should think or plan to upgrade the Nyanga clinic to be a 24-hour service, instead of shutting down the clinic.”

Phike also suggests that local government has an ulterior motive.

“We will expose the monopolic [sic] and sinister agenda of closing these clinics. Like what they did at Conradie Hospital. There’s agenda to force our people to use private hospitals, and collapse the public healthcare. That has been on the agenda of our government.”