The recent attacks on Intercape busses in Cape Town have their roots in the taxi industry.

The long-distance transport company presented data to the Provincial Legislature’s Standing Committee on Transport last week.

Their attorney, Jac Marais, says the attacks are part of a national trend.

He also says the attackers are sophisticated and well-informed – and there is clear evidence of coordination.

Marais explicitly accused the taxi industry – specifically in the Eastern Cape – of intimidating Intercape and other bus operators.

In this edited composite from his presentation, Marais gave the committee details about these demands.

Marais told the Legislature that police have provided intermittent escort services, which have been successful in curbing attacks.

But he indicated frustration that there’s been little action from police on getting to the source of the violence.

“Despite what seems to be clear, hard and credible evidence – no arrest has been made. Not a single shooter has been arrested, and I think – more importantly – there’s been no arrest of any mastermind behind the shootings and the stonings. That to us… is the biggest concern of all.”


Image: Supplied