The legal battle between Bromwell Street residents and the City of Cape Town will start in the Supreme Court of Appeal, on Monday.

In November 2021, the Western Cape High Court ruled that the way the municipality dealt with evicted Salt River residents from their homes – was irrational and unconstitutional.

It then ordered the City to provide the residents with temporary accommodation.

However, the city disagreed, and the court will hear its leave to appeal.

In 2016, the residents were facing eviction from the landlord, but the city intervened proposing to relocate the group to various areas.

But they were not happy, demanding to remain in Salt River.

The Ndifuna UKwazi lead attorney, Disha Govender, says they will oppose the City’s appeal.

“ We believe that the City’s implementation of its emergency housing programme, which relegates poor brown and black people to the outskirts of the City in under-resourced areas compounds people’s vulnerability and its contrary to the City’s special justice applications. We believe this case is important because it could bring more people to more dignified temporary accommodation, which is increasingly given the rate of eviction and the lack of affordable in the inner-city”.