The Community of Kensington is appealing to people to help the police, after a six-year-old boy was kidnapped there.

Shanawaaz Asghar was snatched outside his home on Wednesday, as he was preparing to go to school.

It’s alleged that a group of six people approached his father, pulled out guns, and then abducted the little boy.

Kensington Community Policing Forum chairperson, Cheslyn Steenberg, says they don’t know what the motive is.

“There have been no ransom calls yet and SAPS and other structures are on the ground with the assistance of the Community Policing Forum and the Neighbourhood Watch”.

Steenberg has urged the community not to share false information.

“ We appeal to the community to refrain from misinformation rather get the correct information directory from the CPF, which it gets from the police. People should not share information that isn’t varied, this could lead to further distress to the family and the friends of the boy, and we don’t want that”.