There has been outcry from residents of Bonteheuwel, in Cape Town in connection with suspected gang wars in the area.

On Wednesday, residents alerted HeartFM News of a suspected gang shoot-out in Blue-gum Street.

According to disgruntled residents, the shoot-out between the suspected rival gangs took place in the morning.

Ward councillor Angus McKenzie then confirmed that two firearms were confiscated, and two suspects believed to be involved in the shooting were detained.

However, residents say crime and shootings in the area have increased in recent months.

Just this week, a crèche situated on a church premises, was broken into and electronics, groceries and supplies were stolen.

The community says the lack of police visibility in the area is concerning and Councillor McKenzie is doing nothing about it.

In defending himself, McKenzie dismissed those claims.

“There has been no shortage of police vans and I’m not sure where that comes from. They’re working closely with law enforcement that is why we are able to deal with effectively”.