The Bitou Municipality is still investigating allegations of fraud and corruption relating to a housing project there.

It comes after the municipality was granted over R3 Million in government emergency funding,

Following a fire at an informal settlement in 2018.

According to the municipality’s spokesperson, Andile Namntu, the funding was meant to assist fire victims.

“Funding was provided for up to R3.9 million, for 64 emergency units that was supposed to be placed in areas such as KwaNokuthula, Qolweni, some parts of Zawa Zawa informal settlement in Kurland because all of them were affected by the fires.”

He says the initial delay was because the community was unhappy with the size of the first batch of housing units.

Within the two years that followed, Namntu says the municipal council decided to use the units for other purposes, like a space for a crèche.

But around May this year, the municipality conducted an assessment of the project.

“And it was found that there were various discrepancies and possible mismanagement within the project. It was then decided that an investigative team must be set up to investigate the entire project to see what actually transpired. The matter is still under investigation.”