The community of Bishop Lavis says it will continue to shine the light on the disappearance of three-month-old Kai-isha Meniers.

It’s been more than a month, since the toddler was kidnapped a Bishop Lavis store the 30th of April.

It’s alleged the mother Francis Meniers, left the child with the suspect while she went inside a shop.

When she returned the suspect and the baby had already disappeared.

Residents held a prayer service this past Sunday  the 5th of May in support of Baby Kai-isha’s family.

The event also highlighted the need to protect young people, who are society’s most vulnerable.

The Community Policing Forum says Kai-isha’s mom told them that there’s been no new information about the case.

Chairperson Graham Lindhorst says they can’t rely solely on the police..

“Every time we able to shine the light on the missing child, we must do it.  Because we know that the SAPS has a tendency to sweep things under the rug if no one contacts them.  As the CPF we will do whatever we can to find the child”.

Meanwhile, the Bishop Lavis Action Community’s Amanda Davids says the community needs to work together.

“Our message to the community was that they need to establish street communities, and also start to look after each other. We will keep the family in our prayers”.