Advocacy group, the Witzenberg Justice Coalition, says it welcomes the recruitment of more doctors to service the area.

The towns in that municipality have been plagued by a lack of access to quality healthcare in recent months.

The area – with a population of more than 140 000 people – has staff shortages and limited bed capacity, especially at the Ceres District Hospital.

It was also revealed that there are just three EMS vehicles operating in the area, including the farms in the region.

Members of the Witzenberg Justice Coalition staged a sit-in at the Ceres Hospital to shine a spotlight on the dire conditions.

During a meeting last week with various stakeholders — including the Department of Health and the municipality — it was confirmed that additional doctors will report for work from Wednesday.

The coalition’s Naomi Betana says they welcome the appointment of extra doctors, but they still need more.

Witzenberg is well known for its contributions to the agriculture sector, and Betana says local businesses need to assist these communities.


Image: Supplied