A 14-year-old boy who allegedly shot and killed a 14-year-old girl in Eeerste River , has been arrested.

The Grade 9 pupil from Beacon Valley High School was killed on Monday, July 17,

Police spokesperson, Captain Frederick van Wyk confirmed a case of murder is being investigated.

“Kleinvlei police registered a murder case following a shooting incident on Monday at 13h00 at a premises in Budhi Crescent, New Forest Village, where a 14-year-old girl was shot and fatally wounded. Circumstances surrounding this incident are under investigation. The motive for this shooting incident is unknown”.

And now the issue of how the criminal justice system deals with minors is in focus.

The repercussions for minors who commit criminal offences are severe.

But that can take place only once they have actually been found guilty.

According to law expert, Igashaan Highina when a minor kills or rapes a person must immediately appear before a magistrate and they are then released in the care of their parents or place of safety until they appear for a trial.

In the former case, they were effectively free until then.

That can leave victims feeling frustrated but if a minor is found guilty, they are taken to a juvenile centre and transferred to jail at the age of 21.

Highina says that’s in line with the Constitution.

” We live in a country where there’s a constitution and abide by the laws. And the laws basically say that the child shall not be placed into the criminal justice services immediately until such time guilty has been determined”.