Start Date:

17 November 2020

End Date:

27 November 2020

We all know that person who goes…

“What? You could have gotten it so much cheaper through OneDayOnly!”


Maybe you are that person who insists…

“You should have told me you were looking for that… OneDayOnly sells it so much cheaper!”


These are the traits of a true bargain hunter… someone we’d like to crown our Black Friday Ambassador!

If you think you have what it takes or know someone who does, register today!


WhatsApp 082 222 1049, first word Ambassador, followed by your name.


Because if we select you, you’ll be given a chance on Mornings with Suga to prove your worth as a Black Friday Ambassador and win R5000 in vouchers!

Proudly brought to you by OneDayOnly.

If they have such good deals the rest of the year, just think what Black Friday’s gonna be like!

Download Heart 1049 FM competition rules here.