We received a voicenote from a listener who works in sales last week, asking us to speak about businesses who set unrealistic sales targets during the lockdown. The listener said that targets were even higher than prior to lockdown as the business is trying to make up for losses over the past year. Added to that the listener said that if he doesn’t make his sales target, he would be fired.

Dr Rechard Noor is the Managing Director of W-Tech Manufacturing, Managing Director of Fibretek Manufacturing and Group Director at H&M Group. He has previously held Board positions as a non-independent Director of the Western Province Cricket Association.

A successful business man specialising in the Manufacturing Industry with over 38 years’ experience and PhD graduate with the Nelson Mandela University, Rechard Noor holds several board memberships focusing on Strategic management of the HM Group, including Drycoat Manufacturing, Impregnation Web Technology, Dap Resins (Pty) Ltd, G-Force Fabrication, GRP & Composites, W-Tech Manufacturing, MD, Fibretek Manufacturing, MD.

His commitment to participative management and human capital development has seen him implement the findings of his research into decentralised power for organisational effectiveness with great success and has made a significant contribution towards Radical Transformation and Sustainability for an Advanced Manufacturing Industry. He continues to implement the findings of his latest research focussing on the development of Human Capital for the advancement of the individual, the organisation, and the community at large.