The CWDM developed the game on the basis of the familiar snakes and ladders game to address the basic methods of preventing infection and the spread of the virus. The game includes rules on behaviours common to all children – for example, to advance ‘You are wearing your mask correctly – move on three spaces’ and of course, penalties ‘Oops, you shared your cooldrink bottle – skip a turn’. All the actions are well within the child’s sphere of control, thus making the behaviour goals achievable for all.

The vaccination drive in the Cape Winelands District is ongoing, with 133 646* citizens that were either fully or partially vaccinated by 16 August 2021. The department continues with outreach efforts to ensure that those living in rural areas have access to the vaccine.

Deputy Director: Communication Services for the Cape Winelands District Municipality, Jo- Anne Otto, joins us on #HeartBreakfast