When Couples Split and there’s a Pet Involved.

We had a question, well more of a comment in from a listener a few weeks ago about difficulties faced when couples split and there’s a pet involved. Without trivialising, what is a sad matter,  It’s a really tricky subject! Legally, dogs are considered property , same as a car or a TV, so if […]

Eskort – Life’s Delicious

Cheese Russian Roll with Easy Cheese Sauce Cheese Russian snuggled in a roll topped with crispy bacon, deep-fried onion rings and a velvet-smooth cheese sauce   Roasted Red Onion Russian Roll with Lemon Cottage Cheese Harissa spiced roasted red onion and smoked Russians stuffed in a hotdog bun and top with zesty lemon cottage cheese. […]

Blue Monday After a Red Weekend?

Was your weekend filled with activity, excitement and adrenaline and suddenly you have work? Us too. The weekend felt way too short. Struggling to switch to the work mindset again? We have got you covered. Keep exercising Exercising releases endorphins. Instantly a mood brightener. We need to stop hibernating and get outdoors. Do some exercise […]

Today is Random Act of Kindness

Many of us walk around mumbling things like, ‘wow that person is so rude’ or just negative comments in general which feed your mind and soul in a really bad way. Well, luckily for you, today we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness, here’s your opportunity to really do something good for someone else. We’ve put […]

What Valentine’s Day Pudding Are You Baking?

Are you wanting to go the extra mile for your pudding? Make them a decadent desert that will flatter their taste buds and get you brownie point. Have a look at these fine deserts that are so very easy to make. Red Velvet Cheesecake Bites Keeping in tune with the red of valentine’s day, we […]

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Are you stressing about what you can buy for your partner? Did procrastinating get you yet again? Not to worry, we have you covered! 6 of the best What is your lovers favourite drink? Buy it in a pack of 6 with a cute sticky note stating the things you love about them.   Bath […]

Valentine’s Day Playlist

Do you and your other half have favourite songs that you love to listen to together? Whether you’re starting out or whether you have been together for years. We all have those special songs that spark up the love. With valentine’s day a day away, why not make a playlist for the happy couple? Here […]

World Radio Day – 13th of February

World Radio Day Annually, World Radio day is on the 13th of February. Celebrate World Radio Day with us. Radio is such a powerful platform with a rich history. We listen to our radios in our cars and we have it on just about every media device. World Radio Day was founded in 1946 by […]

The Organ Donor Foundation Invites You #Drive326

Premier Winde and his wife Tracy want to increase the number of donors on the organ donor list to 1 million and are launching a drive to get individuals, corporates and government employees to sign up to be organ donors. This Friday, Premier Winde and his wife Tracy will host a quick, sunset cocktail party, […]

Have you ever thought of – who takes care of the Therapist?

We talk about mental health on the show a lot, we talk about you maintaining your own mental health and ensuring you get through the day effectively and we often have therapists themselves contribute to our discussions on mental health, but it often crosses our minds at #Drive326, who takes care of the therapist? How […]


President Cyril Ramaphosa delivers his State of the Nation address in Parliament on Thursday night, and if you live or work in the Cape Town CBD, here are the road closures you need to know about. by Morné Esben This is the comprehensive list of road closures for the night. The City of Cape Town […]

Still looking for something to do on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day Under Water Visit the aquarium after dark to take a seat at one of 40 intimate picnic spots dotted amongst the exhibits. Each private picnic for two is kitted out for you to enjoy a laid-back evening surrounded by seahorses, sharks, fish or a kelp forest. Your ticket includes entrance into the aquarium, […]

To Pay Or Not To Pay?

Do you let your guests pay when you have an event? Or do you pay for your guest? Teenagers usually split the bill when taking out someone for their birthday but is it acceptable as an adult to request for your guests to pay for their meals when you are the one who invited them? […]

Daily Face Beat

Psychologists showed 1,000 people, who were photos of women wearing various degrees of makeup and asked them to describe them with adjectives. Over the course of four experiments, they found that the women with heavier makeup were described with less empathy and warmth, and more like objects. Those who wore heavy eyeliner were described as […]

Cape Town Cycle Tour History, All You Need To Know

It all began with a leisurely breakfast in 1977. The breakfastees – engineer Bill Mylrea and architect John Stegmann – can even remember what the breakfast cost: a princely R1. The subject was cycling, cycling safety for the small number of recreational cyclists who travelled the roads of the Western Cape, and mobility for the […]

Traffic Report – Road Closures

Marking a commemorable day in history, celebrating our countries rich history. Today is the 30th anniversary of the release of our former president, Nelson Mandela. Mandela gave his first speech in the Cape Town City Hall. Quite a busy day in the Mother City with regards to traffic. Traffic might be a bit of a […]

Whitney Houston – QUEEN OF R&B

We get so emotional baby, when we think of this day. Our hearts still bleed for the death of our beloved Whitney Houston. Every soulful lyric that you that we sing belt our hearts out to. We’re singing along too! On the 11th of February 2012 is the day our sweet, musical royalty left us. […]

30 Years Since the Release of Nelson Mandela

Today, the 11th of February 2020 marks the anniversary of the South African former presidents release, Nelson Mandela. Mandela was jailed for 27 years after being arrested in 1962. This day leaves a massive imprint on our country as it was the key to ending the brutal apartheid system. The apartheid system was a system […]

Eskort Life’s Delicious

Bacon & Mushroom French Toast Bake Creamy bacon and mushroom sauce and golden brown baked French toast topped with fragrant sage. Bacon & Orange Marmalade Mozzarella Sarmie with Jalapeño Hummus A sourdough bread sandwich with crispy bacon and thick slices of mozzarella dressed with orange marmalade on a beetroot hummus with a sharp whiff of […]

Weather Forecast this week in Cape Town #WeatherReport

Valentine’s day on a budget in Cape Town

Valentine’s day can be an extreme sport of some of us. Finding the gifts, the perfect spot, making sure you have those moments. All of these things cost money. Here are a few spots in the lovely Mother City where you can do Valentine’s day without having to break your back to get the money. […]

15 Things to do when your Single on Valentines Day

Just because you don’t have a significant other to cuddle up next to doesn’t mean you can’t commemorate a holiday that honors love. Not sure what to do? Here are 15 awesome things to do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day: Just make plans. Seriously, if you don’t make plans to do something—anything listed here!—you’ll […]

After breaking up in 2010 The Pussycat Dolls have released a brand NEW song

After breaking up in 2010 and going over a decade without performing together, the ladies released a brand-new single on Friday: “React.” The sultry comeback stars lead vocalist Nicole Scherzinger, Carmit Bachar, Ashley Roberts, Jessica Sutta, and Kimberly Wyatt. Melody Thornton was the only group member who didn’t participate in the long-awaited comeback. How HOT […]


There’s no denying things taste better when they’re free, so a couple came up with a cunning plot to have people buy them drinks by faking a proposal in a bar. Corinne Miller, 29, and Adam Carroll, 28, had only been together for a month when Adam pretended to pop the question, but the other […]


E-prescriptions – was in the pharmacy last week and saw a sign up above the nasal congestion sprays “contact our e-doctor for a script to get antibiotics for a throat infection”  Is this the new trend?  Over the counter: There’s a problem surfacing in the UK, where young people are taking viagra, now with the […]


Bullying, a word that takes us back to the playground. Physical fights, teasing and isolation. Sound familiar? While bullying in schools are the main subject when discussing the topic – what about bullying in the workplace? By definition bullying is physical intimidation and verbal aggression but there are so many others that are overlooked. Let’s […]


It’s a Love Thing Vol 4. From humble beginnings to sold out shows. Robin had been singing for many years and hosted his first show “Robin En Route” in 2015, at the Garden Court Theatre, it ran over three nights. Most people first got to hear the name Robin Pieters in 2016, when Robin participated […]

A Dad’s Guide To Periods

Having a daughter is rewarding – sweet tea parties and lunches, taking her on her first pony ride and daddy daughter dates. Having a daughter means… eventually she will become a, “woman” – in the traditional sense of starting menstruation. Chatting about periods can be a difficult conversation to have, especially if you don’t experience […]


Final five go to public vote to choose Laureus Sporting Moment 2000-2020 The Laureus Sporting Moment Award celebrates moments where sport has unified people in the most extraordinary way, demonstrating how sport has the power to change the world Public vote open now at www.laureus.com/vote BERLIN, February 10, 2020 – Fans have voted in droves […]

Road Closures for the Federer and Nadal Tennis Match today

Fan Walk – CBD – Stadium Helen Suzman Boulevard – Buitengracht & York Road – Right lane is a Bus & Emergency lane in both directions – 06:00 – 23:30 Helen Suzman Boulevard (East Bound) – Beach & Granger Bay Boulevard Left lane is a Bus & Emergency lane – 18:00 – 23:30 Somerset Road […]

Hiking Tips

Wanting to get that extra steps in? How about a beautiful hike in our City, Cape Town? Filled with memorable fauna and flora that you only to find in the Mother City. Being safe while hiking is a big priority. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, it is great to consider these tips. […]

Fooding Around with Jenny Morris on #HeartBreakfast

Celebrity chef Jenny Morris joins Aden Thomas and the Heart Breakfast team every Thursday morning for a culinary on-air experience and the audience loves her, especially her essential cooking tips she shares weekly. You’ve asked her how she make her food so delicious, so we’ve put together the recipes for you! Jenny’s Feta Bread is […]

The Community Philharmonic Orchestra are doing AMAZING things #HeartBreakfast

Our weekly good news story. This week we speak about the Community Philharmonic Orchestra. CEO of the Orchestra, Desmond Solomon joins us in studio…. The Community Philharmonic Orchestra is a non profit company that offers an opportunity to amateur musicians to play alongside and share a stage with professional musicians. It is envisaged that we […]

Legalities around annual and sick leave violations with Aden Thomas

Last week we spoke about sick leave and those who take advantage of a day’s leave by calling in sick – some even commit to a monthly sick leave day, just to take a break from work. Tamsanqa Mila, Associate in the Employment practice at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr joined Aden on the line. Listen to […]

Hydro Haters

Have you ever met someone that refuses to drink water, no matter what? Regular folks who risk severe dehydration (and nasty orange pee) to avoid H20 at all costs. Maybe you are that person that person? Have a look at the health risks that could come your way if you don’t consume H2O regularly. Dehydration […]

Cape Town Traffic Nightmare Tips

Have you been sitting in traffic and wondering why the on earth is traffic this chaotic? Trying to take that promising shortcut but even that isn’t working. Here are some tips on how to survive the unbearable Cape Town traffic. Wipe those tears away. We have got you covered. Plan ahead If you know you […]

Supper Struggles

Struggling to decide what’s for supper? Getting that free minute at lunch and wondering what do you have to make for supper now again. That repetitive feeling of repeating dishes. How about we help you out with a dish for everyday that is easy to make and budget worthy. One-Pot Beef with Broccoli Beef and […]

Career Curious

Career Curious Do you feel like you might not be in the right position that you’re at right now? Wanting to switch lanes and fast track to something else. Being career curious can in the long run, make you land up with the job of your dreams. Jack and Jill of all trades Being career […]

Gadgets To Beat Load Shedding

Load shedding is sweeping across South Africa, bringing darkness, frustration and major disruptions to all households. Unfortunately load shedding is an ongoing process that we have to deal with as South Africans. Here’s how can you make things a little bit easier for yourself when you’re sitting in darkness. Gadgets to help you, on a […]

Taco Tuesdays!

Tuesdays are for Tacos and we won’t have it any other way. Cheese, ground beef, tomatoes, coriander, onion, sour cream, chili pepper. Is your mouth watering too? A taco is a traditional Mexican dish consisting of a small hand-sized corn or wheat tortilla topped with a filling. The tortilla is then folded around the filling […]

Misconceptions of Small Business Owners

Wouldn’t you love to work from home, in bed and having more free time? Work for ourselves and get paid to do what we love? We know we would! These are just some of the misconceptions that come with being a small business owner. Take a look at some of the things we think business […]

World Cancer Day – 4 February 2020

We have all been affected by cancer in one way or another. Whether it be a parent, family member or someone in your inner circle. The big C doesn’t discriminate. The 4th of February is World Cancer Day. World Cancer Day is a day to raise awareness around Cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection […]

Eskort – Life’s Delicious

Ham, Spinach & Feta Jaffle Ham, spinach and leeks in a golden brown jaffle oozing with creamy cheese. Rib Burger Jaffle Juicy pork rib burgers in a crispy jaffle with sweet caramelised onions, tart gherkins, roasted tomatoes and cheese. Bacon & Banana French Toast Jaffle with Peanut Butter Sauce Savoury-sweet jaffle with diced bacon, sliced […]

Coronavirus: The Hospital Built In A Matter Of Days

We are all deeply aware of the Coronavirus. Currently headlining every news outlet as a pandemic. The Chinese medical community has answered us. A hospital is to be being built to treat patients that either have or are suspected to have Coronavirus. Coronavirus broke out in Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019. Not the best […]

Shakira and J.Lo’s performance was smoking HOT!

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira co-headlined this year’s Super Bowl halftime show at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Fla, and was it HOT! The Latina duo ripped up the stage with their sexy outfits, exotic dancers and their vocals were on point! Shakira performed first, while Jennifer Lopez took the stage next. There were guest performances […]

You Are My Cup Of Tea

Are you a tea snob? Wanting to switch from caffeine to tea? Listen to the tea! Tea has been around for centuries. Take a look at history of tea, made from dried fruits, flowers, spices or herbs. Used as natural remedies for a variety of elements for hundreds of years. Now we can just buy […]

Have you seen these HEARTS around Cape Town?

Have you ever noticed hearts that appear all around Cape Town? They kind of from afar look like road signs but what are they really for? This is what they’re really for: These sweet hearts are in fact part of The Secret Love Project. A registered non-profit organisation that operates throughout the Mother City. The […]

With the SunMet approaching fast, we’ve chosen some looks that could inspire your outfit!

Africa’s ‘richest’ race day, the 2020 Sun Met at the Kenilworth Racecourse in Cape Town, is happening this weekend! We will all be brushing shoulders with our local celebs and fashion favourites while looking as fantastic as possible. If you haven’t gotten your outfit sorted, fret not – we’re here to help! With this year’s […]

Wishing you a plum New Year

New Year resolutions broken already?  Instead of beating yourself up about it, why not opt for indulging in something truly delicious and healthy in the form of stone fruit:  peaches, nectarines and plums. These dishes can be created and served individually or as part of a delightful, three course meal. Here are some recipes to […]

Are lunch-breaks outside of the office really necessary?

“A leading global information company, revealed that nearly 62 percent of professionals prefer to eat lunch at their desks. There are far too many important tasks to be tackled in a day, leaving no time for a sit-down lunch.” This is called as desktop dining by social scientists.  According to an article, “ Another downside […]

Everyone is trying this fetish called Mukbang!

Mukbang  is an internet fad that finds viewers watching mukbangers binge eating copious amounts of food. This strange trend began in Korea in 2011. The term mukbang comes from a mix of two Korean words, “muk-ja” (eating) and “bang-song” (broadcasting). Basically in basic english, its the enjoyment of watching people eat messy foods as they […]

Suraya Rose Santos & Siv Ngesi joined Irma G studio to chat about a brand NEW SA movie

SOUTH AFRICA-MEETS-BOLLYWOOD ROMANTIC FILM SET TO HEAT UP MOVIE THEATRE SCREENS WITH ITS RELEASE ON VALENTINE’S DAY 2020 The 99-minute film is filled with drama, romance and good humour. It is produced by Razia Rawoot and Maynard Kraak, who also serves as director. Bhai’s Cafe focuses on “family, urban gentrification and romance with a Bollywood […]

Special delivery for Aden & the boys from the fabulous Biesmiellah #HeartBreakfast

This morning we had a special delivery for the team courtesy of the Osman family, who are the owners of a famous restaurant in the Bo-Kaap, Biesmiellah. One of the daughters involved in running the business joins Aden Thomas in studio, Mariam Osman. Listen to the Podcast here:  

Landline – Stay In Touch

Remember a time using landlines to communicate? Grabbing the landline, sneaking into the bathroom to have some privacy. The good old days. Having two telephones in the house with separate lines was considered a delicacy. Feeling a bit nostalgic? We sure are. With technology quickly changing its scares to see landlines in the home. A […]

Things To Consider When Gifts For Buying Males

Have you ever struggled on what to get your husband, boyfriend, dad or brother? Valentine’s day gifts, anniversary gifts, birthdays or father’s day. So many occasions and if you are anything like us, you love to gift people. Just the smile on their face is priceless. Buying a gift for a guy is extremely difficult. […]

The most FAMOUS Ma in Cape Town joined Aden this morning on #HeartBreakfast

Heart Breakfast has a girlfriend and now we have a grandma… We noticed her on instagram, commenting on very interesting topics. Ma Clarke joins us on the breakfast show… We’re not sure when last she’s been to this part of the city, but we were told she got married just down the road from us […]

The Modern Day Milkman from Stellies, joins us on the line…

The other morning we were reminiscing about growing up still knowing what a milkman was and the fresh deliveries we used to received to our doorsteps.  We then heard about a Stellenbosch student, who in his second year of studying Bcom Entrepreneurship started a micro business delivering fresh milk from farm to doorstep. The business concept […]

Has your kid gone to university and now you have an EMPTY NEST?

Remember the first time you took your little ones to school? The tears you had? Yes, we’re sobbing too. You have watched them grow. Been there for every milestone. Those chubby cheeks. Oh yes, we miss those chubby cheeks. They’re all grown up now. Became a strong young male and female. Fresh out of high […]

People from Cape Town doing AMAZING work in our Communities

We thought we’d feature organisations doing good things over the next couple of weeks at least once a week – Highlighting great initiatives and the people who make a difference. A great friend to Heart FM, Richard Noor, suggested we speak to the great work and the manner in which the Ocean View Association For […]

Groenvlei High School Cycling Team Are Making Waves

Aden Thomas was joined in studio by 2 pupils from Groenvlei High School’s cycling club, who’ll be cycling for cancer awareness in aid of the Ari cancer foundation – 450 km from Suurbrak to Cape Town over 6 days. The project manager, Elton Davids, who we’ve had on the show before, when he came in […]


Coronavirus. A virus headlining the world. You’re probably thinking should I be concerned, how can I avoid it and is there a vaccine? Don’t panic, here are the ins and outs on Coronavirus. What is coronavirus? Coronavirus is a collection of viruses. Don’t freak out just yet. That is not the end of the explanation. […]

Whats happening this week in Cape Town

KINKY BOOTS Eric Abraham and the Fugard Theatre present their original, Tony award-winning production of the popular, smash-hit musical Kinky Boots. Charlie Price has reluctantly inherited his father’s shoe factory, Price & Son, which is on the verge of bankruptcy. Trying to live up to his father’s legacy and save his family business, Charlie finds inspiration […]

Natural Energy Boost

Are you getting to the end of the day but you feel exhausted? Sitting in meeting after meeting? Dozing off into a dream? Stop drinking that energy drink! We have you covered with a few natural tips on how to increase your energy. Sniff a lemon Lemon is not only good for cold and flus […]

Facing Reality

If there is one thing that our parents kept reiterating to us, it’s that getting old and debt is inevitable. Isn’t it weird how the human brain knows that aging is inevitable but the most perfect are described as young and beautiful? Funny, isn’t it? Why are our brains wired this way when it is […]

Easy lunchtime meals that will fill your tummy throughout the day

Pack your lunchbox full of nutritious ingredients and look forward to a midday meal that not only tastes great, but is good for you too. Chicken and Avo Wraps Flatbreads and tortillas make a great alternative to bread, or you could use crisp lettuce leaves if you’re looking to cut the carbs. Protein-rich chicken and […]

Some of South Africa’s most Delicious Meals

To truly enjoy South African food, you have to actually be in South Africa. It’s all about shared history, your surroundings, and the people with whom you’ve gathered to break braai with. We’ve put together a list of all our favourite traditional foods that our Grandparents would make for us as little children, and today […]

Amazing Ways to use Spekboom, the miracle plant

Each hectare planted can remove over 4 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere per year. Spekboom can, however, be used for more than it’s carbon emission talents. This bush is also known as porkbush and its high in vitamin C. Here are ways in which you can use this miracle plant for your own benefits: […]

Eskort – Life’s Delicious

Pulled Pork Wrap & Avocado Dip Smoky pulled pork, cheese and sweet-tart sundried tomatoes in a toasted wrap served with a fresh avocado dip.   Jalapeño Pork Sausage Wrap Jalapeño Pork Sausage meat with spicy corn and cream cheese.   Prego Steak & Roasted Butternut Wrap Juicy prego steak strips on a bed of baby […]

Your Weather Forecast for the Week in Cape Town

Kobe Bryant, Daughter Gianna Among 9 Dead in Helicopter Crash

Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest basketball players of all time and an internationally recognizable NBA superstar, died in a helicopter crash Sunday outside Los Angeles. He was 41 years old. Bryant was flying with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven other people when the helicopter went down in Calabasas, Calif around 10am Sunday morning. […]

Fun activities in Cape Town UNDER R50!

Have you been buying stationery after doing so much festive shopping? Going out can be a pain as everything seems to cost you a leg and an arm. Have a look at a few minimal payment/free activities to do in Cape Town. Get out and explore our beautiful Mother City! Hippo spotting, eland viewing and […]

Igniting confidence

“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand brake on.” — Maxwell Maltz. Self-esteem and self-confidence come from inside and many of us lack this. How do you overcome that fear? Are you the shy person that only looks up when spoken to? Or are you the person that overshares? Either way, let […]

Whats your favourite series that you’re watching right now?

YOU What would you do for love? For a brilliant male bookstore manager who crosses paths with an aspiring female writer, this question is put to the test. A charming yet awkward crush becomes something even more sinister when the writer becomes the manager’s obsession. Using social media and the internet, he uses every tool […]

Food Forward SA provides an opportunity to feed thousands of vulnerable communities in our country

Access to quality, nutritious food is fundamental to human existence and social development.  “You can’t teach a hungry child” is an old adage, yet it is an undeniable fact that nutrition in a child’s early years is linked to their health and educational performance. In general, secure access to food positively impacts a country’s economic development and contributes to poverty […]

Michael Yeates, Director in the Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr Employment Practice, joins Aden on the line…

The holiday season over, you’re back at work and the meetings are in full swing. With your brain still on the beach you forget your notebook behind and decide to record the 2020 strategy meeting to ensure you don’t miss anything. While your intentions may be good, you could be breaking the law so it’s […]

South African swimmer Natalie Du Toit has made the short list for the Laureus Sporting Moment 2000 – 2020

Laureus launches the Laureus Sporting Moment 2000 – 2020 public vote, which gives sports fans the power to choose one of the winners of the prestigious Laureus World Sports Awards. In Berlin on February 17, the 20th anniversary Laureus World Sports Awards will honour the greatest sporting triumphs of 2019, celebrate the power of sport […]

Allergy Season and we’ve got a new invader in SA – The Ragweed

ALLERGY SEASON AND WE’VE GOT A NEW INVADER IN SA – THE RAGWEED. This week scientists made a landmark discovery when ragweed – a highly allergenic weed native to North America – was detected in South African pollen spore traps for the very first time. One of the researchers responsible for discovering this is Prof […]

The Dangers of Your Digital Footprint – What Are You Leaving Behind?

A few years ago there was no such thing as a social media presence. In fact, social media wasn’t even invented yet. The most advance thing that was out there was text messages. Did you send text messages to your crush from your parent’s phone? We see you, don’t run away. Fast forward to 2020. […]

CAPITEC – Financial Health Series on #HeartBreakfast

Having control over your money gives you control over your dreams. Join us for the next 6-weeks Financial Health Series brought to you by Capitec, with award-winning financial journalist and author, Maya Fisher-French. She’ll share practical steps for making 2020 your year for financial success! On Thursdays, test your knowledge in the on-air quiz, and […]

JP Duminy chats to Aden Thomas on #HeartBreakfast

Cape Town – Former Proteas all-rounder JP Duminy has called it a day from all forms of cricket. The 35-year-old’s Test career ended in 2017 and he retired from the ODI and T20I formats after last year’s World Cup in England. After the World Cup, the left-hander featured in the Global T20 Canada and the Caribbean Premier […]

Today is National Hugging Day…

Hugging, one of the simplest ways to show affection, is something people do with their loved ones all the time. However, it is not something that’s done enough these days! Hugging Day aims to encourage people to hug more, whether they know the person or not. Hugging Day also helps people understand their emotions, as […]

Appreciating Our Elders

“Respect your elders!”, one of the many phrases we have heard growing up. But what does this really mean? There’s no denying that we are all aging. That is one thing that we know is evident in life. We will always age. Yes, our parents and grandparents have raised us to be the strong independent […]

Human Rights Commission to assist with death of Enoch Mpianzi

The SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) says it is willing to assist the family of a 13-year-old Parktown Boys’ High School pupil who drowned at a Grade 8 orientation camp in the North West last week. Enoch Mpianzi went missing at the camp, which took place at Nyati Bush and Riverbreak Lodge last Wednesday. His […]

To vegan or not to vegan

Thinking of going vegan? Veganism is universally understood to be a plant based diet. This excludes meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy in any form. Have a look at these pros and cons of being an active vegan! Pro’s to being vegan: Weight loss Due to lower calorie rates the vegan diet promotes weight loss. […]

Great Restaurant options to eat Breakfast in Cape Town

Truth Coffee You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a Sherlock Holmes, where writhing machinery collides with industrial-chic decor. Welcome to Cape Town’s only steampunk coffee roastery. Co-founder David Donde says the concept was a natural choice, considering the relationship between coffee and steam. Known mainly for its excellent coffee and eye-catching decor, this downtown joint […]

Heart Mind & Soul with Dr Darren Green on #HeartBreakfast

The scorching temperatures experienced in large parts of South Africa, could put many at risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Babies, children and the elderly are particularly sensitive to the heat. Appropriate hydration is key to avoiding heat-related ailments and illnesses, but before you reach for something cold to cool you down – a […]

Guy’s Guide to Buying Flowers!

Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m just buying flowers for you, but that doesn’t mean I am in love with you. With valentine’s day fast approaching, I think we need this! When buying flowers for someone, we often send out mixed messages. Buying flowers is not an easy thing. All the colours, the arrangements, […]

The Women in White Campaigns are hosted all over South Africa to talk about Problems in Families

Women in white is a national fibroid-awareness campaign aimed at bringing women together in the fight against fibroids. Because periods and fibroids are often topics that are avoided due to stigma and embarrassment the campaign aims to bring this struggle into the open. The colour white symbolises the courage to overcome this debilitating condition and […]

Spices that you NEED in your kitchen!

If you are a beginner or a pro in the kitchen looking to spice things up in kitchen, here are a few spices you NEED in your kitchen. You can’t go wrong with these. They are the basis of most recipes we use in our everyday cooking. Bay leaves Many forget about this little one […]

Eskort – Life’s Delicious

Ham & Avo Bagel Creamy mashed avocado with nutty mixed seeds and slices of double-smoked ham on a toasted bagel.   Mac & Cheese Jaffle Gooey macaroni and cheese, ham and sweet tomato jam in a round toasted sandwich.   Rashers & Rye Fries Crispy pork rashers and French toast-inspired rye bread fries served with […]

Win with Capitec Bank

Having control over your money gives you control over your dreams. Join us on Mondays and Tuesdays for the 6-week Financial Health Series brought to you by Capitec, with award-winning financial journalist and author, Maya Fisher-French. She’ll share practical steps for making 2020 your year for financial success! On Thursdays, test your knowledge in the […]

Yummy by Justin Bieber and the Sorry Girls!

We know every single lyric to Baby, Justin Bieber is back with his new hit single Yummy. Heart throbbing teenage girls since the age of 13 is our Justin Bieber. He made you blush when you were younger too, don’t fight it. Canadian singer songwriter has dropped the hit single Yummy on the 3rd of […]

Fashion Do’s and Dont’s with Irma G on #HeartBrunch

When it comes to fashion, celebs definitely know how to walk the walk. From being red carpet ready to going to the gym or running errands, A-listers usually look good. But then sometimes they get it horribly wrong. Irma G chats to fashionista and trend setter Nicole Norman about the ‘Do’s and Dont’s for The […]

How do I stop becoming a COUCH POTATO?

By definition a couch potato is someone that does little or no exercise and watches lots of television. Is this you? Are you feeling flustered, tired and demotivated? How do I stop being a couch potato after work? Game plan/Schedule Have a plan when it comes to your activities. Schedule in when you have to […]

Women in Business is proudly brought to you by Absa business banking.

Women in Business is proudly brought to you by Absa business banking. Business banking for all your business banking needs. Call them on 0800 227 592 A great business is not achieved by just one person, but by a team of people, and Absa wants to be a part of your team, because Absa is […]

Women in Business with Clarence Ford and Absa

Whether you’re growing your business or starting a business from scratch, or just simply looking to protect your business, Absa is here to help you with their business banking solutions. Tune in every Wednesday to Women in Business with Clarence Ford and Absa at 12:40pm, to chat all things business with successful women in business, […]

Your kids first day of school? These are some of the emotions you might be feeling.

Today is your little ones first day of school. What a milestone? Just a year or two ago they struggled to pronounce words. Our babies are no longer babies. No, we aren’t crying, you’re crying. The best way to look at things is to see it as a new venture for your little one. We […]

Selfie Serious. 7 Simple steps on how to be a selfie pro!

What makes a selfie a great selfie? Here are 7 simple tips on how to make your selfies the best in the business. You’re about to be a pro! Lighting This is rule 1 of serious selfie-ing! Natural lighting is the one of the luxuries that we don’t have to pay for. Take your selfies […]

Fierce Females in South Africa

South African woman have been on fire and taking the world by storm. We are so proud. Have a look at our females that are killing the game in acting, singing and influencing.   Zozibini Tunzi Miss Universe We know her as Miss SA and we were lucky enough to send her off to win […]

Are you a pyschopath before your coffee?

There are days that all you want to do is get out of bed, find coffee and pretend to be a functioning human being? Have a look at the best coffee shops to get your daily trills. Truth Coffee Roasting Truth Coffee Roasting is considered to be best coffee shop on the continent. Always buzzing […]

Healthy food that could be wrecking your diet.

It’s 2020 and your New Year’s Resolution is eliminating junk food. You might not necessarily be getting the results that you want. Have a look at the foods that could be detrimental to you diet. Not all healthy food is specifically for your diet. Diet Soda Diet soda uses artificial sweeteners to mimic the taste […]

Top 100 Songs of the Decade with Paul Playdon | Part 1

Join us next week Saturday the 18th of January as we continue the Top 100 songs of the decade! Tune in to Paul Playdon from 10am to 3pm on Heart FM.

Easy Lunch Box Ideas

The holidays have come to an end, sadly. Mom and Dad need to start thinking about prepping for those lunchbox days that are both healthy and scrummy. We actually want our kids to eat the lunches we packed in. No plain cheese or peanut butter sandwiches. We are spicing things up with stunningly healthy lunches […]

6 Trends for 2020 that we need to get in line with.

A few trends that will popping in 2020. Stick with us and we’ll keep your wardrobe fresh as a daisy for 2020. Peplum styled tops A style that features flared or gathered fabric at one’s waist. This piece is very simple and can help to hide any imperfections around the abdominal area. This top says […]

Don’t Janu-worry, we have you Covered with a few Survival Tips

Many South Africans describe January as the longest month, and worry about making it all the way through, especially those who received their last salary in mid-December – and who splurged on holidays and festivities. Using the hashtag #JanuWorry on Twitter, they have been sharing their tips on surviving January:-   Okay but seriously, don’t […]

The Longest Over-Ocean Zipline in the World comes to Mossel Bay

A new attraction – reportedly the world’s longest over-ocean zipline is set to open in Mossel Bay, Western Cape, this month. The line stretches 1.1km from the rocks at St. Blaze to the deck at the Aquarium. According to the zipline operator’s website, Mossel Bay Zipline, thrill-seekers can expect to reach speeds of up to […]

Meghan Markle Returns to Canada to Deal with Royal Family Drama

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have struggled with ongoing feelings of isolation from the rest of the family. Queen Elizabeth is reacting to the announcement that her grandson Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle are stepping back as senior members of the Royal Family. Just hours after Harry and Meghan shared their plan to “carve […]

Back 2 School Check List, we’ve got YOU Covered

Prepping for Back to School? We’ve got you covered with the things that might not necessarily be on the stationery list. 1. Book covers Keep stock of book covers. Get a little crafty with the book covers. Ask your little one about their favorite character and make it enjoyable for them. 2. Labeling This is […]

Training for The Cape Town Cycle Tour, March 2020

Nothing prepares you for a bike tour like “time in the saddle.” Even if you excel at other sports and consider yourself a strong athlete, you owe it to yourself to get a lot of riding in before your tour — you use a lot of different muscles riding a bike. Also, when we’re out […]

The National Calendar for 2020

Have you just gotten back from your holiday and hoping for another one? Here is your guide to the National Calendar for 2020. Start planning your year! 1 Jan Wed New Year’s Day 21 Mar Sat Human Rights Day 10 Apr Fri Good Friday 13 Apr Mon Family Day 27 Apr Mon Freedom Day 1 […]

Well Done Matric Class of 2019!

All the nerves, sweat, tears, patiently waiting for the results for the matric class of 2019. The verdict is in. Here are the numbers: Cohesively the matric class of 2019 have achieved a pass rate of 81.3% as published by The Department of Basic Education (DBE). The Department of Basic Education says that the overall […]

Surviving the First Week Back at Work

There’s nothing like the feeling of sitting down at your desk at 9am on the first day back in January. You’ve just got used to not checking emails, drinking long cocktails every night and eating left over roast dinner over the course of a week. Until suddenly, you’re back at your desk – and party […]

Twinning into 2020

Sets of twins are commonly grouped into two classes: monozygotic, or identical; and dizygotic, or fraternal. Identical twins result from a fertilized egg (an egg that has fused with a sperm cell) dividing in two. Both newly identical fertilized eggs can then go onto to develop into their own organisms, sharing identical genes, the functional […]

New Year’s Resolutions that should be on your list

Here are a few New Year’s Resolutions that should be a part of your list. Let’s go into the new year with outright positivity and prosperity. Stay in touch Get into the habit of preserving relationships that are meaningful to you. the tiff might be, move on and communicate. We often hold grudges that we […]

The Name Game #DontGetItWrong

Cameron Diaz has announced the birth of her first child with Good Charlotte star Benji Madden. The 47-year-old actress confirmed the couple had welcomed a baby girl on Instagram, and also revealed they had named their daughter Raddix.  In terms of celebrity baby names this isn’t the worst we’ve heard of: Kal-El Child of: Nicolas […]

Day 1 of Work for most of you in the Cape

The start of the working year tends to leave one filled with a mixture of anxiety and denial. The truth is, you’re never really ready for your first day of work. You summer tan is in full swing, the taste of a delicious cocktail still lingers on your lips. The last thing you wanted to […]

Statement for immediate Release – Heart FM Summer Festival 2019

Statement for immediate Release Cape Town, Monday 30 December 2019. Heart FM, its management and event partners would like to take the opportunity to apologise to all listeners, followers and fans who were disappointed with their  experience at yesterday’s Summer Festival. The station has an excellent track-record for producing world-class music events itself, however, saw […]

Are you finding it hard to figure out your New Years Resolution? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered

Wake Up 15 Minutes Earlier Every Day “Wouldn’t it be nice to have 15 minutes to yourself every morning? You can have it, if you just: Wake up 15 minutes earlier every day. It won’t make you that much sleepier, and you’ll get to read a chapter of your book while having coffee. Or you […]

Are You A Last Minute Christmas Shopper?

Every year, you promise yourself you won’t wait until the last minute to do your holiday shopping but once again, it’s the week before Christmas and you haven’t gotten a single gift. Don’t panic! Before you go into a desperate shopping frenzy, check out these 10 tips for last-minute shoppers. You’ll find everything you need […]

Easy Ways to Cook Gammon with a Delicious Glaze

“When it comes to cooking a gammon, some people find themselves feeling a little intimidated, but there’s really no reason to be. Follow this easy step by step recipe for the perfect gammon, YUM!” Ingredients 3½ kg boneless tied gammon joint (check with your butcher if it needs to be soaked) 2 carrots halved 2 […]

New Years Eve Parties 2019

New Year’s Eve at The Piano Bar is a two-pronged, musical approach: Check out Bongani Nikelo, a local bassist, composer and vocalist who started his journey at the age of 13, or the international-acclaimed Mizz D & friends, who play everything from jazz and R&B to cabaret and soul. While you listen, grab some tapas […]

Ryan O’Connor Joins Heart FM

Cape Town, 20 December 2019. Today Heart FM announced a breakthrough lineup change that will see radio veteran, Ryan O’Connor join its highly talented team of presenters. From March 2020 O’Connor, arguably one of Cape Town’s most familiar voices, will take over the driver’s seat from Suga on Drive 3-6 and joins Jeremy Harris on […]

Things for the Kids to do during the Holidays

Battery Park A new addition to the Waterfront, this urban park is a gateway from Cape Town’s CBD to the V&A. With loads of activities to keep the kids entertained – such as a scooter path, a high-quality skatepark and a multi-court for netball, basketball and soccer games, stand-up paddle boarding and canoeing in the […]

Christmas Puddings Ideas for your Christmas spread

Baileys Tiramisu Trifle Ingredients whole milk 500ml cornflour 40g caster sugar 200g vanilla bean paste or extract 1 tsp eggs 3, large amaretti biscuits 25g, crushed CHOCOLATE CUSTARD dark chocolate 100g, chopped and shaved, to serve sea salt flakes a pinch BAILEYS CUSTARD mascarpone 75g Baileys (or Irish cream liqueur) 50ml SPONGE chocolate swiss roll […]

Christmas DIY

It’s Christmas day, there is no décor, tree or Mariah playing in the background. Fear not, we’ve got you covered with effortless DIY décor whilst still staying trendy.   Puzzle Piece Reindeer Take out that old puzzle that has the missing pieces. Repurpose them into reindeer ornaments to hang on your Christmas tree. Paint the […]

Cape Town International Jazz Festival 2020

Cape Town International Jazz Festival  Profile the 2020 Cape Town International Jazz Festival and the first set of artists announced last week To announce the top local and international jazz artists that will lead the 21st celebration of the Cape Town International Jazz Festival. Over the last two decades, the CTIJF has brought some of […]

Curry Friday’s with Butter Chicken Goodness #HeartBreakfast

Why is it called butter chicken Butter chicken originated from Northern India in 1948. Created by Kundan Lal Gujral, you may notice that Butter Chicken (known as murgh makhani — chicken with butter), is similar to British tikka masala. Prepared in a buttery gravy with the addition of cream gives the curry sauce a silky smooth […]

Tis The Season in the Work Place

It’s sometimes extremely difficult to get yourself in the festive spirit, especially when we all still have last minute deadlines looming, our leave only kicks-in later in December and your kids are all at home wanting to be entertained for the holidays. Finding the holly-jolly mood can be exceptionally difficult, even when we’re finally at […]

Christmas Markets in and around Cape Town

SIMPLY SOUTH GIFT AND CRAFT FAIR When: 2 – 22 December 2019 What to expect: The ninth Simply South Gift and Craft Fair promises to be bigger and better than ever. The market offers a wide range of original handcrafted goods that you can buy for Christmas, birthday, or teacher’s gift. Beverages and light meals will […]

Things to do in Cape Town on Christmas Day

For tourists visiting Cape Town in the festive season, it can be very different from the snowy Christmas of the Northern Hemisphere. In Cape Town, we have sunny Christmas days at home or even at the beach! Just because you’re on holiday doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the holiday celebrations, so we […]

Old Christmas Wishes #DRIVE326 with Suga

Ever wonder what kids in decades past wanted to receive from Santa Claus?  The R.L. Ripples “Tweets of Old” feed, which shares lines from newspaper items, has been tweeting Christmas wishes from the late 19th and early 20th century in T: What are some of the weirdest requests you’ve heard from your children for Christmas? […]

Marc Lottering and Salome Release a Brand NEW Song Together on Heart Breakfast

This morning Salome and Marc Lottering joined the Heart Breakfast Team to release their brand new track live on air! The song was written by Marc and is one of the main songs from his show called,  ‘Aunty Merle The Musical.’ Have a listen to the podcast and song here:

Understanding The Day of Reconciliation

They say that all good things come to an end, thankfully this remains true for horrid atrocities as well. One such ending took place in 1991 with the ending of apartheid, a system of racial segregation that existed in South Africa on the back of legislation introduced by the National Party. The Day of Reconciliation […]

Perineum Sunbathing is a new wellness trend?

Sunbathing has always come with its perils, whether it’s because you fell asleep and turned into a lobster or because you trusted your friends with the sun cream and they managed to burn weird patterns on your back. Now though, there’s an entirely different danger associated with catching the sun, and it has something to […]

Aden spoke to Principal Bev from John Graham Primary about her last days #HeartBreakfast

Beverly Johnson, Principal of John Graham Primary School is retiring after 40 years of service as a WCED employee. Her all time favourite song is ‘Mustang Sally’ and so the kind parents of John Graham decided to organise for Bev to be chauffeur driven to school in a Mustang as part of a surprise assembly! […]

Aden chats to 1st for Women about women abuse in our Country #HeartBreakfast

This year, a seismic shift took place in South Africa. Marches, memorandums and hashtags finally mobilised government to declare violence against women a national crisis. During the national 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children campaign, 1st for Women Insurance will shine a light on women abuse by projecting 15 haunting […]

#HeartMindSoul with Granville Skippers

#HeartMindSoul with Dr Darren Green – Men’s Health Awareness Month in focus for November. Dr Green is joined in studio by a gentleman who says beat cancer like a “BOSS” – Granville Skippers, joins us with the good doc this morning.   heart mind soul Diary of a Cancer Survivor, how Granville Skippers thought out […]

Makro BLACK FRIDAY Catalogue


CapeNature presents Kogelberg Nature Reserve in Kleinmondt

What an absolutely INCREDIBLE experience at Kogelberg Nature Reserve in Kleinmondt! 😍 The Oudebosch eco-cabins are a real slice of heaven, amongst CapeNature’s beautiful protected areas. The glass fronted eco-cabins have breath-taking views of the reserve, which is a World Heritage Site. Bas and Suga had the privilege of baking in their spacious kitchen, which […]

CapeNature presents the Beautiful Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve

Vrolijkheid lives up to its name – happiness – when bright orange botterblom daisies decorate the reserve in spring! Vrolijkheid is a striking, rugged nature reserve in the Breede River valley, about 15km south of Robertson on the road to McGregor. The rocky landscape is starkly beautiful, dominated by patches of succulents, dwarf trees and shrubs. […]

Sociologist, Dr Robin DiAngelo, talks about ‘White Fragility’ on Heart Breakfast

Sociologist, Dr Robin DiAngelo, is in Cape Town to launch her book, ‘White Fragility’ in South Africa. Her book seeks to understand the question, “why is it so hard for white people to talk about racism?” Aden Thomas also held a broader conversation about her thought on racism.  Take a listen to the podcast:

What are your thoughts on Comprehensive Sexuality Education

The implementation of Comprehensive Sexuality Education will not only be inappropriate for pupils from Grade 4, but teachers will also not be comfortable teaching the curriculum. This is according to the South Africa Teachers Union‘s operational director Johan Kruger. Comprehensive Sexuality Education has been in the spotlight following a media report that from next year, […]

BIG THINGS from Matt Pearce from SuperSport #GOBOKKE

Have a listen to Matt Pearce’s last words before the BIG GAME tomorrow… Bring home the GOLD Springboks! #Bokke4TheWin

Jarrad Ricketts opens his own clothing brand called TESTIMONY

Local singer Jarrad Rickets is set to launch his own unisex clothing brand, TESTIMONY by Jarrad Ricketts. The range will include suits, sweats, tracksuits, active wear and resort basics for all ages. Listen to the podcast here:  

Suga chats to Boskasie about her New Track ‘Make Me Feel’ #Drive326

BOSKASIE INTERVIEW Growing up, Boskasie’s Sundays were filled with the fragrances of home cooked Cape Malay dishes and a soundtrack of George Benson, Hugh Masekela, Abdullah Ibrahim, Gypsy Kings and the carnival sounds of “Ghoema”—sounds and flavours that still influence her music today. Born Nicole Davy, Boskasie hails from the Cape Flats but grew up partly in the Netherlands […]

The talented Janice releases her new single live on #Drive326

The ever talented Janice joins us in studio to debut her new SIngle, “TRAP HOUSE.” We also chat about her upcoming debut album dropping in November. Listen to the podcast here:

Aden Thomas chats to Premier Winde ahead of his Safety Cycle Tour 2019

Media Release: Premier Winde’s Safety and Cycle Tour to promote safety and mobility in the Western Cape Premier Alan Winde and the Western Cape Cabinet will, this Thursday, embark a four day cycle tour from Saldanha Bay to L’Agulhas, with a focus on safety and improving mobility in the province.The Cabinet will be joined by […]

A Brand New Show to Kyknet – Tydelik Terminal is MAL!

The director Etienne and cast members Hendrik and Almar from Tydelik Terminal joined Irma G live on air. The TV show is a light drama about a 22 year old Honours student, Kittie Classen who needs to redefine her life after she was diagnosed with cancer. The show starts on the 30th October 2019 at […]

War Of The Worlds

When astronomers detect a transmission from another galaxy, it is definitive proof of intelligent extra-terrestrial life. Residents wait for further contact with bated breath. They do not have to wait long. Within days, mankind is all but wiped out by a devastating attack; pockets of humanity are left in an eerily deserted world. War of […]

Eskort Life’s Delicious

Pulled Pork Ragu Pull it together! When you’re fresh out of dinner ideas, this flavour-packed Pulled Pork Ragu makes the perfect base for a variety of #JustDelicious meals!  Visit www.eskort.com/recipes.html for the full recipe and step-by-step video with all the tips and tricks.   Video: Pork Ragu with Broken Lasagne & Herb Salad Don’t break […]

Episode 3 | How to make Crumbed Chicken Schnitzel | #FoodingAround with Jenny Morris

Celebrity chef Jenny Morris joins Aden Thomas and the Heart Breakfast team every Thursday morning for a culinary on-air experience and the audience loves her, especially her essential cooking tips she shares weekly. You’ve asked her how she make her food so delicious, so we’ve put together a weekly how-to video series, available to you […]

Embracing the Curves, Every Single Inch of it #HeartBrunch

‘So Extra Girl’ is a body positivity brand catering for fully figured females. Often females find it difficult to find swimming costumes that fit just right or to give proper support. The brand is only a year old but is determined to help ladies feel comfortable in their skin and in fashionable swimming costumes. Follow […]

Fiona Viotti’s Explicit Video has now been Uploaded to a Free Pornographic Website

A number of pupils have been affected over a number of years by the alleged “serious misconduct” of Viotti. “We have confirmed that there have been several boys who have been affected over a number of years,” school principal Guy Pearson said. Pearson said the school was doing everything it could to ensure the mental well-being […]

SABC has pulled the plug on Top Billing

The iconic show that has adapted over the years since it was started by Patience Stevens, always showing “the best of the good life”, has made name stars of multiple walk-and-talk presenters who found fame after being hand-picked to front the glamorous lifestyle magazine show that has been a weekly staple on the SABC schedule […]

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is upon us, ARE YOU READY?

With the 42nd running of its world-famous cycling tour as its crescendo, the Cape Town Cycle Tour Lifecycle Week is an eight-day celebration of all things cycling, where a world-famous city embraces human power and celebrates the healthy lifestyle and freedom of movement the humble bicycle offers all its inhabitants and visitors. The Lifecycle Week […]

Suga chats to the Millennium Mama, Aisha Baker #Drive326

ABOUT MILLENIUM MAMA:  A Millennial Mama is any woman who is new at this and aiming to reclaim her life as a mom and as her new self. The millennial Mama event, is a creative knowledge sharing space for young moms to not only find out more about raising independent and well developed little ones […]

Take on Heart FM’s obstacle course called KONG at Tough Mudder 2019

Tough Mudder isn’t a race. It’s a challenge. It’s 8km/16km of mud and obstacles specifically designed to test your teamwork and toughness. And most of all, it’s FUN. With the help of your fellow Mudders, you’ll overcome mud-drenched obstacles and adrenaline-pumping challenges. And you’ll do it all while having the most fun you’ve had in […]

October is Transport Month & MyCiti wants to Educate YOU

About Transport Month Transport Month is held every October in South Africa. It is a time for us to think about: sustainable transport options, low-carbon / green transport, road safety choosing public transport when possible active mobility – walking, cycling, skating This month we are focussing particularly on traffic congestion – and ways that all […]

Ceo of the Roger Federer Foundation Janine Haendel live in studio

Dr. Janine Haendel joined the Roger Federer Foundation in 2010 as the foundations new CEO. She describes the Foundation as a learning organisation. Through her leadership and professional approach, the Foundation has transformed itself from a an ambitious impact oriented and professional and systematic operation close to its heart. She served for eight years as a Swiss diplomat […]

The King of Couture Jacques LaGrange live in studio with Suga #Drive326

JACQUE LE GRANGE South African designer Jacques LaGrange, well-known as the “King of Couture” – showcased a collection of showstopping glamorous garments with a unique touch of drama at New York Fashion Week. NEW YORK FASHION WEEK  The New York Fashion Week has proven time and again that its emblematic status as a centerpiece of cultural […]

Olympians Justin Gatlin and Sharrieffa Barksdale live in studio with Suga #Drive326

JUSTIN GATLIN Justin Gatlin (born February 10, 1982) is an American sprinter who specializes in the 100 and 200 metres events: He is the 2017 100m World Champion. He is the 2004 Olympic champion in the 100 metres. The 2005 and 2017 World champion in the same event, and the 2005 World champion in the 200 metres. Justin Gatlin finally achieved one of his goals […]

Episode 2 | How To Make A Seared Steak! | #FoodingAround with Jenny Morris

Celebrity chef Jenny Morris joins Aden Thomas and the Heart Breakfast team every Thursday morning for a culinary on-air experience and the audience loves her, especially her essential cooking tips she shares weekly. You’ve asked her how she make her food so delicious, so we’ve put together a weekly how-to video series, available to you […]

Episode 1 | How to make homemade mayo! | #FoodingAround with Jenny Morris

Celebrity chef Jenny Morris joins Aden Thomas and the Heart Breakfast team every Thursday morning for a culinary on-air experience and the audience loves her, especially her essential cooking tips she shares weekly. You’ve asked her how she make her food so delicious, so we’ve put together a weekly how-to video series, available to you […]

The Breakfast Team helped a desperate student this morning #HeartBreakfast

Aden Thomas received a message on the WhatsApp line from a student who desperately needed a radio commercial. She explained that her study group was going t0 present to their class at 8:30am and needed the Breakfast Show’s help. “Morning Guys. I’m on my way to college and I have a presentation at 8am. It […]

Apparently Deon Bing is Tapfuma’s cousin? #HeartBreakfast

Two weeks ago we had Prof Monique Zaahl joined us in studio to talk about ancestry testing, before she left she took our mouth swabs along with her to her lab. She’s back to share the findings… Post Heritage Day, we thought we’d deep dive into our roots genetically. We’re joined in studio by Prof […]

Watch out, young women have such a high risk of heart attacks

Smoking increases the risk of heart attack in all people, but much more so in young women, a new study shows. British researchers examined data on more than 3 300 cases of acute ST segment elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) that occurred in the Yorkshire region of England between January 2009 and July 2014. Risk higher […]

A special tribute to The Imam and Us at the Artscape

THE IMAM HARON FOUNDATION IS PUTTING ON A CULTURAL TRIBUTE “THE IMAM AND US” ON THE 11 AND 12 OCTOBER 2019 @ 8PM AT THE ARTSCAPE THEATRE. The Life & Times of Imam Abdullah Haron Abdullah Haron was born on 8 February 1924 in Newlands-Claremont, an area which in the late twentieth century became a […]

Aden chats to Dr Bandeker about the Ihata Shelter, where they serve local disadvantaged females

Dr Bandeker takes on the KALAHARI AUGRABIES EXTREME MARATHON on behalf of the CoGh SPCA and Ihata shelter. KALAHARI AUGRABIES EXTREME MARATHON is a 7 days event from the 10th – 20th October 2019 The Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon (KAEM) is an iconic desert foot race, well-known as the “Big Daddy” in trail and desert […]

Being the oldest child in a family can sound like a pretty good gig in theory or not so much?

YOUNGER SIBLINGS Being the oldest child in a family can sound like a pretty good gig in theory: you’re given a few younger siblings you can boss around whenever you want, you can pull the seniority card as needed, and you get the added bonus of knowing you had at least one year where you […]

Do you think cellphones should be banned at school?

Children under the age of 15 will no longer be allowed to use smartphones or devices while at school. This sounds like the right move to us… France has banned all students under the age of 15 from using cellphones, tablets, and smartwatches at any point during the school day – even during break time. […]

Never-mind cats on rooftops, elephants are climbing great heights for food

Kevan Dobbie, a ranger at the Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge (a private game reserve), captured the moment on his phone on Monday October 15. The lodge is situated in the Sabi Sand Reserve, close to the Kruger National Park. Forget cats climbing roof tops, the new trend are elephants! LOL

Suga chats to Dr Louis Kathan in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The incidence of breast cancer among South African women is increasing and it is one of the most common cancers among women in South Africa. It is the most prevalent cancer amongst white and Asian women and the second most common cancer among black and coloured women. Facts about breast cancer: Early detection of the […]

Halsey Releases a cute lil Music Video entitled ‘Clementine’

American singer has released her latest track titled “clementine,” and we are SO excited about it! Set for early 2020 release, Manic (Album) also features Halsey’s chart-topping single “Without Me” and recently released track “Graveyard”. The music video is really cool, where Halsey and her younger brother Sevian Frangipane performing a dance in an aquarium. Halsey wrote […]

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is up there as the most popular TV show in history

We all have our favorite television shows that we enjoyed watching while growing up. It’s worth mentioning that the “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” is definitely up there on many people’s list. Back in 1990, the show first aired! For the first time, it allowed Will Smith to transition over from music to acting, and the […]

Channings Scrotum goes for $6000, SAY WHAT?!

An eBay listing for an original oil painting of Channing Tatum and his prominently displayed scrotum, which was suggested would score  a price of $230 has sold in a winning bid of $6,600 [R91 000] just one day after publication. Clearly, people were in a frenzy to grab Tatum’s ballsack. The painting did not end […]

Name your Car Day #Drive326

The ultimate car was definitely Kit back in the day, who remembers this iconic duo! Unfortunately, many people do not think about naming their cars. Name Your Car Day has been set aside especially for those of you who may have forgotten this little ritual. It’s very common for people to name their boats so […]

Ladies, what is it about a Beard that just changes a man’s entire Essence?

Actor-director George Clooney’s lush and lengthy new beard is grabbing fans’ attention – and for all the right reasons. The Catch-22 star was recently spotted on the set of a Nespresso ad in Spain where he sported the full salt-and-pepper beard. Like fine wine George keeps getting better with age. Full of gray and full of glory. […]

The Royal couple spent the day in Nyanga with Boxing Coach, Allen Chizungu

Township children gave the Duke and Duchess of Sussex an ecstatic welcome to Cape Town as the royals started their tour of Africa. They visited Nyanga township, one of Cape Town’s largest black settlements, to learn about life for thousands of South Africans. The couple had travelled to the area, a few miles out of […]

Amy Jones releases her brand NEW track live on #Drive326

We know Amy for her sensational and raspy voice! Amy Jones was one of the standout performers at the sold-out show with Don Vino at the GrandWest Grand Arena in Cape Town – which celebrated his 20 years in the music business. She’s released a single entitled “Get a Little”, which is a good follow-up […]


Justin and Hailey Bieber are to have ‘Best Part’ hitmaker Daniel Caesar sing at their wedding celebration this weekend. The couple are holding a reception in South Carolina with family and friends this weekend to mark their marriage, after they officially tied the knot a year ago, and they have asked the ‘Best Part’ crooner […]

Do you suffer badly from Anxiety? Here’s what we discovered about chronic anxiety sufferers

Answering emails or messaging other people can make us feel like we’re suffocating. A tiny task can feel overwhelming and can petrify us. Sometimes we have to calm ourselves down just to send an email to someone we have known for years. At times, we don’t answer texts back or we leave messages unanswered because it’s […]

Cape Town Pollen is driving people completely CRAZY

According to the University of Cape Town (UCT) Lung Institute, the amount of pollen in the air is 14% higher than it was decade ago. Pollen counts worldwide are predicted to quadruple in the next 20-30 years. Cape Town’s pollen count has reached new records this year. Prof Jonny Peter, Head of the Allergy unit at […]


Thought Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes couldn’t get any raunchier following their ‘Senorita’ VMA performance? Think again, sweetie. They’ve gone and broken the internet once more, this time posting an aggressive tongue kissing video in response to Twitter comments that they supposedly kiss like fish. The video immediately sent the internet into a frenzy with […]

Do you actually LIKE your Employer?

Either you’re an employer or you’re an employee. Either way, the only way for a business to be truly effective is by having a successful working relationship. How often though, do employers get a true reflection on what their employees require from them to be effective in their leadership? In addition to determining the direction […]

Back-a-buddy for Jesse Hess in an attempt to bring Justice to the family of the Victims

Kate Steyn has started a back-a-buddy for Jesse Hess in an attempt to bring Justice to the family of the victims. We chat to her about the initative and how one can become involved. Listen to the podcast here: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/jesse-hess

Have you heard of Crypto Currency?

CRYPTO CURRENCY – GREY JABESI About: Jebesi Grey has worked in several areas of the technology space but for the last few years, his focus has shifted to the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies spaces, because they have potential to liberate Africans because of its decentralised and permission-less nature. He also has a podcast which is currently […]


Adele officially filed for divorce from Simon Konecki on Thursday, several months after they separated. They married more than two years ago after several years as a couple. Court documents filed by the 31-year-old singer in Los Angeles confirmed the split, TMZ and E! News reported. The Grammy winner met Konecki, a charity executive, in 2011 […]

Feel nauseous at the sight of the Apple’s new iPhone?

The Heart Breakfast Team had a conversation about Trypophobia! It’s become some what of a buzz topic after the new iPhone was launched. Apparently many iPhone loyalists cannot mentally deal with the fact that certain models have three cameras arranged very closely to each other, as it stirs up this exact Tryptophobia which is the […]

A destructive Voice-note has been making the rounds on Social Media

A destructive VN has been making the rounds on social medial that three teenage girls were abducted earlier in the week in the greater Cape Town area, but that the police had found them and had arrested the culprits. The voice note alleges that one of the girls was a Pinelands High School student. The […]

Throwback to Lesley-Anne Brandt Live in Studio with Suga

Suga was surprised by a very special guest in studio – Lesley-Anne Brandt! South African export Lesley-Ann Brandt stars as the Vertigo/DC comic book character Mazikeen, on Fox’s hit series “Lucifer.” Born and raised in Cape Town South Africa, Brandt immigrated with her family to Auckland, New Zealand in her late teens. Discovered by local […]

Were you one of the Fans that missed the Tickets for Federer and Nadal Game?

The Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal game was SOLD OUT in 10 minutes! Fans that weren’t quick enough to book their tickets were absolutely devastated. The game takes place in February next year at Cape Town Stadium. “To all the fans out there who have booked – or tried to book – a ticket or […]

A Teacher was involved in the Kidnapping of young Amy’Leigh

Three people were arrested for the kidnapping of Amy’Leigh, who was snatched from her mother’s car at the Laerskool Kollegepark in Vanderbijlpark. One of the three people arrested for the kidnapping is a teacher at her school, News24 reported earlier. The teacher was “known to the family”, Amy’Leigh’s father Wynand de Jager told News24 on Thursday. Two other […]

Bring back the Death Penalty they said…

A change.org petition circulated on social media gained over 400,000 signatures yesterday, in a call for the South African government to implement the death sentence as a means of justice in crimes against women and children. There has been increased outrage from the public over the rape and murder of UCT student Uyinene Mrwetyana. Mrwetyana’s […]

The Studio was filled with Kroes Koppe this morning with Aden

For anyone who doesn’t know, natural hair is defined by Urban Dictionary as “…When your hair is in the state that you were born with. Hair that is not permed, dyed, relaxed, or chemically altered.” Many ways they go about it involves the methods previously mentioned and also wearing wigs, weaves, and any other alterations […]

What ‘Going Natural’ really means

To truly understand black hair care — natural or otherwise — it’s important to get up to speed with some of the terminology. After all, the world of black hair care has a language all on its own. First, we have to talk perms. Used interchangeably, relaxers and perms can mean the same thing, but you […]

We’ve found 3 of the cosiest Autumn Getaways, check it out

Some getaways are just better in Autumn… We’ve selected the coolest (not coldest) in and around the Mother City. From a farm cottage in a lush valley to a luxury suite in the mountain, Autumn escapes have never been as exciting and inviting. We’ve selected our favourites in the Cape. Grootbos Private Nature Reserve Where […]

JOHANNESBURG – Amy-Leigh reunited with family after abduction from Vaal school

Details around her nearly 24-hour abduction are still dodgy while the four men who kidnapped her in front of Laërskool Kollegepark on Monday morning were still at large. Police said the grade R pupil was pushed into a white Toyota Fortuner by four men, who sped off with her. It’s not yet clear whether any money was […]

Cyril has Broken his Silence

President Cyril Ramaphosa has broken his silence over the recent attacks on women, saying it’s a “stain on the conscience of the country”. There’s been an uproar over the president’s silence in the wake of disturbing developments relating to the unabated rapes and murders of women and children. “This is a very dark period for […]

Aden Thomas Speaks Out #AmINext

MEN ONLY:  Cape Town youth leader, grandfather found murdered in flat A 19-year-old woman and her 85-year-old grandfather were found murdered in their Parow home on Friday. Police spokesperson Captain FC Van Wyk confirmed police are investigating a double murder, after the bodies of the two were found at a Victoria Street flat on Friday […]

A Tribute to Evita Bezuidenhout & very little about the Man behind the Woman #HeartBreakfast

Will the real Evita Bezuidenhout please stand up? The last thing you expect is to find yourself at the funeral of the most famous white woman in South Africa. Is it possible that this national icon is dead? How come and why? And then again, how? If Evita Bezuidenhout doesn’t exist, how can she be […]

The Gift of Desperation – From Meth to Marathon Man | Costa shares his story with Aden Thomas

Constantinos Carastavrakis, known to his friends as Costa, tells his story with great honesty and courage. He charts his course through a childhood of identity confusion – growing up Greek and gay in Johannesburg. He built a glamourous life of parties, business triumphs and money but crashed into the devastation of a crystal meth addiction. […]

WIN an Exclusive ALL paid Trip to Watch the Springboks Play against Argentina

Join Jeremy Harris and the Springboks at their last home game before the RWC, when they take on Argentina at Loftus Stadium next Saturday 17 August. Your prize includes: Return airfares for two Accommodation at the Bok hotel from Friday 16 August to Sunday 18 August Meals plus dinner with SA Rugby and Heart FM […]

#LiveYourBestLife with Heart FM, MTN, Engen & Tiletoria

You could be living your BEST LIFE with MTN, Tiletoria and Engen! 🍾🍾🍾 Only women may enter as this is part of a women’s month campaign. ID number entered into the competition must belong to the women who entered.    SMS the keyword “BEST” along with your name and ID number to 39064 (costs R1.50) […]

Emigration Queries are Rising by 70% in South Africa

In the current economic climate, South Africans are hedging their bets by investing abroad and by acquiring a second citizenship or residency overseas at an unprecedented rate.  Immigration experts Sable International say they have seen 70% increase in enquiries and 45% increase in clients over the past year. “The reasons vary tremendously, from concerns about […]

Cycle to Work Returns with Heart Breakfast on the 8th of August 2019

THE CYCLE TO WORK CHALLENGE: Next week Thursday (8 August 2019) the heart breakfast team will do its second Cycle to Work Day between 6 and 9am. Cycle to Work Day encourages citizens to hop on a bicycle and commute to work. They pull it off last year and had great fun, even though they […]

Billy Ray Cyrus ‘Old Town Road’ became the Longest Running Billboard No 1

On Monday (July 29) — the same day Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” featuring Billy Ray Cyrus, officially became the longest-running Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 single of all time — Mariah Carey took to Twitter to congratulate the cowboy rapper for breaking her long-standing chart record. “Sending love & congrats to @LilNasX on […]

Life is for Living

Research* shows that people are more likely to live through a critical illness or disability than to die from it, but what about your quality of life after the fact? Liberty’s Lifestyle Protector is a comprehensive range of risk benefits that work seamlessly together to help you maintain your quality of life, for life should […]

All About The Business

You’re one step closer to a fantastic marketing opportunity for your company. We’re providing the platform for you to brag about your business with Clarence Ford every Tuesday at 12:45. You made your dreams happen, now allow us to give it that added boost. Fill in your details below and make your business known:

Tie-dye is making a huge come back, NO REALLY!

Tie-dye was once the stuff of elementary school arts and crafts—DIY gifts bestowed upon parents and grandparents on special occasions. Now, it’s become a full-blown 2019 trend; tie-dye has officially been elevated to high-fashion status. Runway models are strutting their best tie-dyed poses on platforms all around the world. Its on every high fashioned designer’s […]

Jive Cape Town Funny Festival with Drive 326

Jive Cape Town Funny Festival delivered by Turkish Airlines at the Baxter Theatre from 1 – 28 July. Let Master of Ceremonies, Alan Committie introduce you to top South African comics like Emo Adams, Carvin H Goldstone, Sifiso Nene, Lindy Johnson and The Big Boys, with international performers Matt Tarrant from Australia and the world’s top […]

Day 12 – Atlantis – Aunty Margie

Margery de Lange, or “aunty Margie” as she is so affectionately known, runs a creche for the children in her neighbourhood. The seventy [70] year old granny has been a god-send to parents in the impoverished town of Atlantis who have no means to place their children in sought after day-care. In 2002 Margery was […]

Day 14 at Ethembeni Educare in Khayelitsha for 16 Days for Youth

Yesterday, day 14 of the 16 Days for Youth initiative, highlighted the plight of the Ethembeni Edu-care facility in Khayelitsha, and the state of its premises. The Heart FM team went out to the township to lend a helping hand, with the help of corporate sponsors and listeners who donated much needed food and every […]

Day 11 at Gouda Educare Centre for 16 Days for Youth

Business for Good The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility on Improving the Lives of Our Youth While there’s no clear definition of Corporate Social responsibility (CSR), we can all agree that it’s no longer good enough as a side-line project, but rather a way of life. Business’s become a social lever to what matters today […]

Day 10 – Porterville Youth Taking Matters into Their Own Hands

Porterville Youth Taking Matters into Their Own Hands With only a few days to go until we celebrate Youth Day, Heart FM has passed the halfway mark of its annual 16 Days for Youthinitiative. The core team have made their way to Porterville and Gouda where they are highlighting the stories of those organisations and […]

Day 9 – The Christine Revell Children’s Home in Athlone

Not so Easy like Sunday Mornings… We Shed some light on local Sanctuaries for Our Impoverished and Abandoned Youth Sunday’s are traditionally days spent with family, most homes are filled with the joyful sound of children playing , adults laughing, sharing anecdotes from the week that past. The house is filled with the aroma of Sunday […]

Day 8 – 16 Days for Youth at Rylands FA at Johnston Road Sports Complex

Unsung Heroes in Our Communities Silently Supporting the Youth in Need 16 Days for Youth Aims to Highlight the Plight of Those Making a Difference Sport not only offers an equal playing field for the youth, but is an activity that every family has in common, on and off the field. Yesterday, a local football tournament […]

Day 7 of 16 Days for Youth at U-Turn Homeless Ministries in Claremont

Cape Town Homeless get a “Hand up” Instead of Just a “Hand Out” U-Turn Equips the Homeless with Skills to Overcome Homelessness Claremont, Cape town 7 June. Over the past 21 years, U-Turn has crafted an innovative skills-based programme designed by occupational therapists, with long term results for rehabilitation and reintegration. Six months after graduating from […]

Day 6 of 16 Days for Youth at Margaret’s House in Landsdowne

Margaret’s House is a registered non-profit residential centre based in Lansdowne, Cape Town. Established in 1987 by the initiative of five Anglican churches, the property was left by a church member called Margaret who stated in her last will and testament that her home was to be left for street children from the area. The […]

Day 5 of 16 Days for Youth at Noncedo edu-centre in Villiersdorp

Day 5 – Noncedo edu-centre, Villiersdorp The town of Villiersdorp, or the “pearl” of the Overberg as its affectionately known, is located outside Caledon. Established as an agricultural town, its residents are predominantly seasonal farm labourers and are often without work for almost half of the year. Historically, the community lives in poverty and was […]

Day 4 of 16 Days for Youth at Vriendelike Voeltjies in Caledon

Vriendelike Voëltjies Given Wings to Fly 16 Days for Youth Initiative provides the infrastructure to Comply with Regulation and Receive Government Assistance Caledon, Tuesday 04 June. Day 4 of the annual Heart FM initiative, 16 Days for Youthand the core team of presenters and volunteers have left their mark at “Vriendelike Voëltjies”, a local pre-school […]

Day 3 of 16 Days for Youth at Elim Home

Day 3 – Elim Home Running and managing an NGO already has its challenges, but being in a rural community, poses even more. Despite this, Elim Home, located in the rural town of Elim, just outside Bredasdorp, is providing wholistic nursing 24/7 as a residential care facility for the most severely intellectually and physically disabled […]

Day 2 of 16 Days for Youth at Barons Cape Town with Rise Against Hunger

Day 2 – We’re out at Barons Cape Town today alongside Rise Against Hunger to help fight the battle against children going hungry in the Western Cape. The goal today was to pack 25 000 meals, and we reached our target with so many volunteers pouring in to lend their helping hands. Our day began at […]

Day 1 of 16 Days for Youth at Overflow in Rocklands, Mitchells Plain

Day 1 – It’s hard to believe that 365 days has passed since our last journey but here we are, once again ready to make a difference, no matter how small, in the lives of youth around the Western Cape. Day one of our journey took place in Rocklands, Mitchells Plain. The team were made […]

Karin Kortjie is Climbing the Ladder and Changing our Communities One Step at a Time

This morning Irma G welcomed Cape Town’s finest talent, Karin Kortjie. She has a brand new show coming up in June called, Divas and Maestros. The show will showcase some of Cape Town’s best musicians in the business. Karin is also very hard at work with launching her official foundation, which aims at uplifting the […]

Top South African women to judge the FAIRLADY Santam Women of the Future Awards 2019

Top South African women to judge the FAIRLADY Santam Women of the Future Awards 2019 FAIRLADY and Santam are looking for South Africa’s Women of the Future: three amazing women who are creating opportunities for others and boosting South Africa`s economy by setting up their own businesses. The panel of respected judges presiding over the […]

Its Cricket World Cup Fever and we are so READY for it!

Cricket SUPER STAR Graeme Smith was live in studio with Suga and the Drive 326 team last week.   Listen to the interview with Graeme and the team here:

Institute of Healing Memories enables people from Different Backgrounds to Reach better Understandings

The Institute of healing memories enables people from different racial, religious and social backgrounds to reach a better understanding of themselves and of each other. Father Michael spoke to Clarence about the institute and what they continue to do. They held a benefit concert on Friday night, all proceeds goes towards the institute and their […]

A New Solution for South Africans with Deadly Heart Conditions #HeartBrunch

A new solution for South Africans with deadly heart conditions  According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, an alarming figure of 225 people in South Africa die every day from heart disease, while 10 people suffer a stroke. With this sad reality in mind, BIOTRONIK has launched the smallest smart Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator in South Africa to […]

Parents Disowning their Kids, have you ever been one of them?

We’ve all done it, stolen a R10 here or a R20 here. But this takes the cake… A 12-year old boy was found in Bali on March 17th after it was reported that he was missing when his mother discovered he never showed up at the school. The Australian boy stole his family’s credit card […]

World Lupus Day on Heart Breakfast with Aden Thomas

A global health problem, lupus affects people of all nationalities, races, ethnicity, gender and age. Lupus can affect any part of the body in any way at any time, often with unpredictable and life-changing results. While lupus knows no boundaries, knowing all you can about lupus can help control its impact. Lupus often causes severe […]

Understanding Alzheimer’s with Dr Darren Green

Alzheimer’s is a type of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking and behavior. Symptoms usually develop slowly and get worse over time, becoming severe enough to interfere with daily tasks. Understanding Alzheimer’s and dementia:- Alzheimer’s is the most common cause of dementia, a general term for memory loss and other cognitive abilities serious enough […]

Are you a Fan of the Series ‘Lucifer’? Suga spoke to Actress Lesley-Ann Brandt live in Studio

This actress who born and raised in Greenhaven, Mitchell’s Plain in Cape Town and after matriculating at Pinelands High in Cape Town, emigrated with her family to NZ in 1999. She worked as a model and became an actress in NZ, where she landed a lead role in the international TV series, Spartacus. In 2010, […]

Teenagers have the Chance for their Talent to be seen by an American Record Label

The Cape Town branch of the world renowned School of Rock music school brand is offering all South African teenagers the rare chance for their talent to be seen by American record label executives as part of a worldwide artist search, Center Stage. From May 1 until June 30, singers aged 13 – 19 years […]

What is Ramadan actually?

During Ramadan, Muslims wake up well before dawn to eat the first meal of the day, which has to last until sunset. This means eating lots of high-protein foods and drinking as much water as possible right up until dawn, after which you can’t eat or drink anything. During the entire month, Muslims fast every day […]

Soccer Star Peter Leeuwenburgh joins Suga live in Studio

Peter Leeuwenburgh (born 23 March 1994) is a Dutch professional footballer who plays for as a goalkeeper for Cape Town City in the Premier Soccer League. Peter joined the #Drive326 team in studio ahead of their mammoth clash against Pirates. He also got time to reflect on his family joining him in South Africa and […]

Mothers Day in Cape Town

It’s almost that time of year again, that time where we show our mothers how much we appreciate them. That one day where we do something out of the ordinary to treat them and make them feel loved. That one day called Mother’s Day. To help you get a head start on your Mother’s Day […]

Aden catches up with Maiveen Boehme from Brave Heart

Aden Thomas speaks about National Braveheart Day, with the director of project Brave Heart, Maiveen Boehme. What is National Braveheart Day? Project Braveheart is massive movement against bullying in South Africa and tomorrow,3 May 2019, is the first national anti-bullying day! They are asking all South Africans to wear red for love and blue for […]

Aden Thomas chats to Party Leader of the African Covenant Party, Dr Convy Baloyi

Political Pitch: Interview series with the premiere candidates for the Western Cape over the next couple of weeks.  The aim of this exercise is to give as many, is not all political parties a platform, specifically the premier candidate an opportunity to tell us what the key issues they’d be addressing in the Western Cape. […]

Aden spoke to the Leader of the Cape Party, Jack Miller

Political Pitch: Interview series with the premiere candidates for the Western Cape over the next couple of weeks.  The aim of this exercise is to give as many, if not all political parties a platform, specifically the premier candidate an opportunity to tell us what the key issues they’d be addressing in the Western Cape. […]

Aden chats to Ahmed Shaik Emam from the National Freedom Party

ABOUT AHMED MUNZOOR SHAIK EMAM Mr Shaik-Emam was a member of ACTSTOP (Action Committee to Stop Evictions) in Johannesburg as well as a member of the UDF pre-1994. He has held many positions in different community organisations, including Chairperson of Crisis Careline school governing bodies, body corporates and providing legal assistance. He was a member […]

Freedom Front Plus, Peter Marais joins Aden Thomas on air…

Political Pitch: Interview series with the premiere candidates for the Western Cape over the next couple of weeks. The aim of this exercise is to give as many, is not all political parties a platform, specifically the premier candidate an opportunity to tell us what the key issues they’d be addressing in the Western Cape. […]

Aden speaks to Loyiso Nkohla from the Land Party

Political Pitch: Interview series with the premiere candidates for the Western Cape over the next couple of weeks.  The aim of this exercise is to give as many, is not all political parties a platform, specifically the premier candidate an opportunity to tell us what the key issues they’d be addressing in the Western Cape. […]

Cape Malay Cuisine Gurus Fatima and Gadija Sydow release a New Cookbook

Cape Malay flavours are spicy, savoury and unique to the Mother City which is why the Sydow sisters have started at their childhood home on the Cape Flats to take us on an educational cooking journey. Publishers have described the book as “a Cape Malay food trip, which is also a journey of life, as […]

Socialist Workers Party’s Candidate for the Western Cape

Political Pitch: Interview series with the premiere candidates for the Western Cape over the next couple of weeks. Socialist Workers Party’s candidate for the Western Cape, Vuyo Lufele, joins us on the line… Vision for a Socialist South Africa: A united Socialist South Africa, free of oppression and economic exploitation. Such a South Africa is […]

Will you VOTE for Aunty Pat? #HeartBreakfast

Political Pitch: Interview series with the premiere candidates for the Western Cape over the next couple of weeks. Good Movement’s premier candidate, Patricia De Lille, joins us on the line… Manifesto: Politics as usual has failed our beautiful country. Now is a GOOD time to fix South Africa. Our GOOD leaders used their experience and […]

Alan Winde from the DA joins Aden Thomas on the line…

Political Pitch: Interview series with the premiere candidates for the Western Cape over the next couple of weeks. The Democratic Alliance’s premier candidate, Alan Winde, joins us on the line… Manifesto: South Africa needs a plan to rescue our economy and create more jobs. More than 10 million South Africans are without work and half […]

Aden chats to the EFF ahead of the Elections

Political Pitch: Interview series with the premiere candidates for the Western Cape over the next couple of weeks.  So the aim of this exercise is to give as many, is not all political parties a platform, specifically the premier candidate an opportunity to tell us what the key issues they’d be addressing in the Western […]

How dare they say our Emo Adams is a demon!

Aden Thomas was SHOOK when he heard what people were saying about Emo Adams as the new host of Noot Vir Noot! On Facebook, a page called South Africans Against Heathens and & Satan published this message below: BROERS EN SUSTERS! Dit is met GROOT hartseer dat ONS VERNEEM het dat die WONDERLIKE GELOWIGE EN […]

She Used her Pension to Open a Clinic #HeartBrunch

Olivia Pharo joined Irma G live in studio. Olivia quit her full time job and used her pension to open her own clinic in Atlantis. Have a listen to the interview here:

Kurt Darren Destroyed the National Anthem – Hoolihaa!

Singer Kurt Darren attempted to sing the national anthem at the Varsity Cup on Monday night has left a bitter taste in many people’s mouths as footage from the event was put on social media platforms. He started confidently with “Nkosi Sikelel’ iAfrika, (God Bless Africa), Maluphakanyisw’ uphondo lwayo, (Raise high Her glory), Yizwa imithandazo […]

We Need to Encourage Each Other to VOTE and This Why

South Africa has many well-run municipalities, but equally, there are those that are struggling because of poor management, corruption or a lack of adequate resources. People participate in local government firstly by voting in municipal elections and secondly, by exercising their right to be involved in the running of the municipality, being aware of the […]

ACTIVATE! Equipping the Youth to become Active Citizens, to Influence Positive Change

INTERVIEW: Urgent need to engage youth voter apathy ahead of national elections According to StatsSA 2017 figures, young people aged between 15 and 34 years, make up almost 25 million of the country’s population. The IEC said in January, when launching its Xse campaign to encourage the youth to vote, that young people aged 18-19 […]

Raeez to Represent South Africa in Vegas

There is a new king on the block and he is off to represent South Africa in Las Vegas. Raeez Abdul, 27, who was born with Down Syndrome, has been recently selected to be the first-ever face of Magnificent Man Icon (MMI) Phenomenal Mr South Africa 2019. Raeez has represented many troupes in the minstrel […]

Afrikaans Crime Documentary Series brings back Haunting Memories – Station Strangler

Seasoned journalist, features editor of Kuier Magazine and host of the gripping crime documentary series Ernusta Maralack, joined Aden Thomas in studio to chat about the highly controversial episode revisiting the child murders of the station strangler.   Listen to the interview here live on #HeartBreakfast:  

#running4pads an INCREDIBLE Initiative for Young Girls in Need

#running4pads consists of a team of individuals. The team offers various skills towards the campaign, from social media, organising events / collections to running. Our first campaign for the year is the Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon. We will also be at the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon later this year.  The team’s goal is to […]

Wembley Roadhouse and Super Fisheries are Food Institutions on the Cape Flats.

We’ve spoke about graduations last week and heard of a certain masters graduate, Tasneem Wentzel, who’s thesis was about the Gatsby? She works in the museum and heritage sector, currently working at Simons Town and Worcester museums.  Her passion is museum education working with young people and working closely with former residents of simons town […]

What is the Significance of the Black Hole #HeartBreakfast

We spoke to her last week about what would happen is an asteroid hit earth, this time round we’re talking about something more positive, the first image of a black hole, joining us on the line, Prof Carolina Odman – Associate Professor in the department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of the Western […]

The Station Strangler | 25 Years Later

Gérard Labuschagne. – clinical psychologist specialising in forensic and investigative psychology, and workplace threats. Has worked on over 300 serial murder and rape cases, included the recent Oscar Pistorius investigation. For greater context to this particular conversation on Heart Breakfast, Gérard was the Section Head of the Investigative Psychology Section (IPS). The IPS is responsible for assisting the […]

Zee Entertainment has Announced the Exciting Launch of Mehek, the First Bollywood Production

MEHEK – ZEE WORLD – TELENOVELA Zee Entertainment has announced the exciting launch of Mehek, the first Bollywood production to star actors from the African continent.   The landmark series, which was shot entirely in India, premiered on Saturday, 6 April on Zee World, DStv channel 166 at 9pm. Mehek introduces South African actors Shonisani Masutha, […]

Season One of Hitched Series takes Viewers on a Journey around the Country

Season One of Hitched series takes viewers on a journey around the country to find the legendary water-dwelling creature of the Congo River basin folklore, Mokele-Mbembe. ‘Hitched’, a ten-part documentary series, follows Luke MacDonald and Jordan Deall’s incredible journey across 107 days, travelling through 10 countries and covering an astounding distance of 15,000 km via […]

The Lighthouse Fund Works in a Variety of Ways to Help Empower People in Cape Town

INVESTING IN HUMAN POTENTIAL FOR SOCIAL IMPACT The Lighthouse Fund works in a variety of ways to help empower people in Cape Town, giving them the support they need to face challenges and fulfil their potential. This, in turn, equips them to further benefit those around them. Vision: Our vision is for a community in […]

Hope this Story Adds a Little Sunshine to your Day… #HeartBreakfast

For months now we’ve received updates from a listener Rene, reporting that the trains are always late and this morning was no different… After waiting on Claremont station in the train for more than an hour, she messaged Aden to say that she is going to attempt another form of transport. The team saw an […]

Jeremy Olivier Live on Heart Breakfast

An old friend of the show’s and we’ve not had him in studio for a long time, Jeremy Olivier, and his talented singing family joins Aden Thomas and the team live in studio.. Have a listen to the interview here:

Our Favourite Coach Benni Live in Studio

Cape Town City FC coach Benni McCarthy and Vasili Manousakis live in studio with Suga and the Drive 326 Team. Listen to the interview here:

Work in Progress – Nick tells all on Drive 326

Nik Rabinowitz has a new show “WORK IN PROGRESS” is a rollicking adventure through… something. Probably something personal. Maybe politics? Probably not. Either way, there’s definitely going to be a joke about Romania in there. Maybe one about load shedding. He’s still working out the details. At least he has a title. It might change. […]

Mark Harrison Live in Studio with Suga

INTERVIEW – MARK HARRISON – GANGSTAR CAFE Gangstar Café is not just any business; it is a business with the purpose of providing both social and business solutions to our customers. All Gangstar Café profits are utilised to provide employment and support to ex-offenders and youth who want to leave gangsterism and crime. Gangstar Café […]

Foods that will help you get back into shape

Ready to feel great again? Nourish your body with real food… The simplest and most effective way to eat healthy is to focus on real foods. Not all calories are created equal. Different foods go through different metabolic pathways in your body. They can have vastly different effects on your hunger, hormones and the number […]

Davina Mae Gordon Live in Studio #HeartBreakfast

With a deep desire to convert mainstream music lovers to the joys of classical instruments, Davina has established herself as a versatile classical violinist with a penchant for hip hop. After graduating from the South African College of Music at the University of Cape Town, majoring in violin performance in 2007, Davina has built a […]

Ben Ungerman is Suga’s Backseat Driver

BACKSEAT DRIVER – BEN UNGERMAN   MasterChef Australia 2017 runner-up and ‘ice cream king’ Ben Ungermann will share his expertise with South African cooking enthusiasts when he presents three masterclasses in March. Ungermann’s three masterclasses will revolve around: The Whole Chicken – how to take apart and use every part of the chicken; The Fish […]

All For One Live in Studio with Suga

ALL FOR ONE – PERFORMING AT MUSIC ALLA KAAP Show details: 30th March, Grand Arena, GrandWest, Cape Town MEMBERS: Tony Borowiak, Delious Kennedy, Alfred Nevarez Jamie Jones The very successful Cape Town concert series Music Alla Kaap is back in 2019 with this incredibly diverse all-star line-up. In its 6th year, Music Alla Kaap has […]

Bas Newman Joins Suga and the Drive 326 Team Live in Studio

Bas Newman, chef, food stylist and personality joins Suga in studio on #Drive326. As we go on a culinary adventure, Bas has also been selected as an ambassador for the Somerset Mall. We asked Bas a few questions and here’s what he had to share…

The African Continent is Home to a Large Number of Young People

ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN SOUTH AFRICAN SCHOOLS The African continent is home to a large number of young people – and it simply doesn’t have jobs for them all. Youth unemployment is high across the continent. Some countries, like Nigeria and Kenya have tried to tackle this problem by equipping children with entrepreneurial skills while they’re still at school. This […]

Our Son Passed Away after Drowning in a Bucket

Daniel Webber’s Story… “Our son passed away after drowning in a bucket” “Connor, our son, passed away in December 2017 after drowning in a bucket filled with water storedoutside the house during the droughts in Cape Town. We rushed to the Emergency Centre at the RedCross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, a memory spanning a few […]

A Catch Up with Dr Darren Green

Dr Darren Green catches up with Suga all the way from the Cape Epic Race, have a listen here…

Would you Pay for your Child to get into a University with Low Marks

Jennifer Kay Toy, a high school teacher in Oakland, CA. Deadline reports that Toy is suing Laughlin, Huffman who is indicted in the college admissions fraud scandal, for the cool sum of $500 billion, YES YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT. As part of a class-action lawsuit, Toy alleges that the defendants cheated her son, Joshua, out […]

Rachel is the Talk of Social Media…AGAIN

Rachel has asked people to send her details of the woman in question… Rachel Kolisi, wife of Springbok captain Siya, is the talk of the social media again for the usual reasons. Though she did not explain how she found out, Rachel took to Instagram to ask social media users to help her track down […]

Ashur Petersen Live on Heart Breakfast

Ashur Petersen, son of the late Great Dr. Taliep Petersen, is a 27 year old up, award Winning South African entertainer and recording artist. Ashur started his musical journey at the age of 6 years old. At the age of 9, he started playing the guitar and is self-taught in many other instruments such as […]

You’ll be Shocked to Know these Facts about Rooibos Tea #HeartBreakfast

Julian doesn’t drink coffee, but most morning’s he starts his day with a coffee of homegrown rooibos tea and many South Africans do…however, we found this next story very interesting… ROOIBOS IS BIG IN JAPAN… Martin Bergh, Chairperson of the SA Rooibos Council, joined Suga on the line… Rooibos is becoming a big deal in Japan […]

The Need for Quality Mental Health Services is Widespread and Intense

South Africa has high, and rising, rates of mental health disorders set against the backdrop of a scarce mental health services infrastructure.  There’s a significant mental health equity gap, with only a small portion of sufferers able to afford the available care which is concentrated in the private sector.  It is estimated that 80% of […]

Deon Bing can Predict where the Crayfish will be next…. #HeartBreakfast

Suga holds down the Breakfast fort while Aden is away living his best Russian life… Deon Bing lets Suga in on a secret.. Have a listen below to find out all you need to know about crayfish. #HeartBreakfast  

Road Closures for Cape Town Carnival

The Cape Town Carnival will be lighting up the streets with colour on Saturday, March 16 2019. As always, traffic restrictions will be in place and public transport services operating in and along the closed or restricted roads may have some route deviations. The following roads will be affected during the event:  Somerset Road: – Granger Bay […]

Level 3 Water Restrictions

Locals will now be allowed to irrigate their gardens using potable water and water-efficient methods as the city has implemented minor adjustments to the terms of Level 3 water restrictions. The City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Water and Waste, Xanthea Limberg, says these irrigation methods can only be used at allocated times. […]


This morning on #HeartBreakfast Aden spoke to Jerry L Margolius, Registered Valuer/Appraiser/Arbitrator from Margin property valuation services Pty limited, around municipal evaluations and how they effect you, the everyday citizen. listen here:

Demerits – 12 Strikes and You are Out

Cape Town – Parliament has given the green light for the controversial Administrative Adjudication of Road Traffic Offences (Aarto) bill. It was passed earlier on Tuesday in the National Assembly the vote went 174 in favour, 11 against and 22 abstentions. The bill will now be sent to President Cyril Ramaphosa to be signed into […]

Beverley Hills 90210 High School Sweetheart Passes Away….

‘Beverly Hills, 90210’ and ‘Riverdale’ star Luke Perry dies American actor Luke Perry has died after suffering a massive stroke, reports TMZ. He was 52 years old Perry reportedly passed away Monday morning at hospital surrounded by his children, close friends, family and his fiancé Wendy Bauer The former ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ star and ‘Riverdale’ actor was rushed […]

Women Abuse Needs to STOP!

Babes Wodumo’s fans are outraged after her boyfriend was allegedly seen beating her during an Instagram Live chat.  The ‘Wololo’ singer can be heard crying in the video after being hit. Babes had been recording an Instagram live video with her fans at the time of the incident. The video has since gone viral and […]


A dispatcher with the Lafayette Police Department took a 911 call that many young students would define as an emergency – math homework help. The police department tweeted out a video with audio of a 911 call that a young boy made for homework help. Instead of turning the boy away, this Lafayette dispatcher stayed […]

Journalist, James De Villiers, breaks down the new rules around cellphone out-of-bundle data.

From the beginning of March, South Africans have to be warned if they use out-of-bundle data, and they will also be able to roll over data. These are some of the new rules contained in Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA)’s end-user and subscriber service charter. Aden spoke to journalist James De Villiers from […]

Aden seeks answers from the city around the recent eviction notices issued to tenants at Athlone Stadium

  Tenants at Athlone Stadium – including the South African Football Association Cape Town, Social Development, the Athlone Dance Academy and some small businesses in the east wing of the stadium are facing eviction from the facility. They were said to be non-compliant and given two months’ notice to move from the premises or be […]


It`s a Love Thing is exactly that! A Thing about Love! And Lots of it! February is the Month of Love and Robin Pieters is synonymous with spreading the Love to his adoring fans. This 3rd edition of IT’S A LOVE THING Vol 3 is especially exciting as Robin will celebrate 10 years as an […]

Wolfgat in Paternoster is KWAAI says Heart FM

South Africa’s very own Wolfgat in Paternoster was announced as Restaurant of the year at the inaugural World Restaurants Award in Paris last night (18 February). The restaurant, which is housed in a converted 130-year-old fisherman’s beach cottage in Paternoster offers one of the best, most untouched views in the country and is praised for a […]

Kim Kardashian Seems Super Upset About Those Weird North West Boyfriend Rumors

Kim was finally asked about this, um, “news,” and had NO TIME FOR SUCH NONSENSE. In case you missed it, in which case you’re so lucky, the internet was flooded with completely weird rumors that North West has a boyfriend named Caiden Mills. To be clear, North West is five. The boyfriend apparently bought North Tiffany & […]

Having a Tattoo of your Lover’s Name has been a Bad Idea for Hundreds of Years …

It’s still the month of love and we are reminded about the importance of showing our commitment to our lovers – whether we are married to them or not. For some people this might mean getting a tattoo of their lover’s name (or initials). No figures are available about the number of people who choose […]

The Best of Heart Cape Town Music Festival 2019

The Heart Cape Town Music Festival 2019 #HCTMF2019

We loved every minute of The Heart Cape Town Music Festival this passed weekend! We have the most INCREDIBLE talent, SA artists really brought the fire to the stage! #HCTMF2019  

It’s the month of love, listen to KFC making moves on Mrs Balls Chutney…



Tamaryn Green joined the #Drive326 team on #BackSeatDriver.  Tamaryn spoke about her Miss Universe experience, what she would be wearing to the Sun Met and completing her medical degree in 2019. Listen Here:  

Tips on Surviving ‘Januworry’

From ‘back to school’ shopping, rent and debit orders, the festive season overspending always comes back to haunt us. Over the festive season many South Africans were caught up in the spirit of buying Christmas presents, travelling home, heading off to holiday destinations, partying or simply just enjoying the December vibe. The festive season overspending […]


It’s finally here! The team have put their all into it and the official Drive326 Christmas song is here. Listen:   Lyrics: From Athlone to Caledon, you know it’s Christmas time, in Cape Town. It’s our favourite time of the year of the year, You know it’s Christmas time, In cape Town. And you say […]

Best Camping Spots in the Western Cape

So you’re going camping for Christmas? Lucky you! It’s the perfect way to escape the chaos that sets in around the silly season. Check out these camping spots in the Western Cape that we absolutely love:- The Baths Natural Hot Springs – Citrusdal Stray within the Olifants River Valley of Citrusdal; the perfect getaway for […]

You can Help Feed our Communities with Ladles of Love

On Monday we spoke to social worker, Ian Veary, who works at the Carpenters Workshop who serve Cape Town’s homeless. We promised to put in the spotlight some organisations doing their best to uplift the destitute in our city, with the hope that it will remind us of those who are not having the happy […]

Social worker at the Carpenters Workshop, Ian Veary, joins us in studio…

The season is upon us, many of us will enjoy family time and get caught up in all that this season brings, but there are many who experience a different kind of festive. Those that feel lonely and feel they have nowhere to go, often hopeless. Over the next couple of weeks we’d like for […]

Leading South African designer, Warrick Gautier, shares his thoughts on what makes the Sun Met so special.

The Sun Met is around the corner and will kick off the new year in style. After announcing its theme for 2019 and has just unveiled its line-up of official designers who will bring the event’s theme to life when it returns to Kenilworth Racecourse on the 26th of January 2019. Africa has quickly become […]

No better way to shop than on Zando.co.za

Zando takes pride in being South Africa’s premium online fashion shopping destination. Established in 2012, Zando offers over 700 brands, up to 9 safe and secure payment methods, free delivery* and returns, guaranteed best prices and the latest fashion, so you wouldn’t want to shop anywhere else. Free Delivery on orders over R250 5 Delivery time […]

We have the secret to keeping your fridge smelling fresh

Its International Clean Your Refrigerator Day! Excuse the pun, but the timing has never been riper to celebrate National Clean Out Your Fridge Day on November 15! This is the perfect opportunity to tackle that science experiment that’s been growing way in the back, there. Of course, ideally, we’d all clean out our fridges far […]

Celebs Houses that were Burnt in the Fire

Celebrities including Caitlyn Jenner, Lady Gaga, Orlando Bloom and Robin Thicke are among the thousands forced to flee their homes as fires continue to threaten Malibu, Calabasas, and Thousand Oaks. The Bachelor Mansion The mansion used to film the TV series was on fire yesterday afternoon and partially burned down. Thankfully, the current cast was not […]

Due to Demand Ed Sheeran is Back in the Mother City

Capetonians, get excited! Due to the huge response from the Mother City, Big Concerts has confirmed a second Ed Sheeran show happening on the 28 March 2019! So get your tickets FAST! Tickets will be on sale at Computicket from 9am on Thursday, 15 November… So be ready to click away, dont say we didn’t warn […]

Chris Tucker live in studio on Heart FM….

International award-winning actor and comedian Chris Tucker is coming to South Africa. Chris Tucker, best known for playing the role of Detective James Carter in Rush Hour. Don’t forget to get your tickets for his performance on the 7th of November at Grandwest! We had the pleasure of interviewing Chris live on air with Irma […]


For more than 20 years Dr. Victor, real name Victor Khojane, has been crafting and creating an uplifting up tempo sound that has earned this singer, musician, songwriter and producer an enviable reputation on the South African music scene and abroad! Together with his group The Rasta Rebels, they continue to be one of the busiest live […]

South African Hip Hop Pop Artist and Record Artist Joins #HCTMF2019

Another sexy artist that’s joined our line up is non other than South African Hip Hop Pop Artist and Record Artist! His new album TOUCH MY BLOOD, is creating a stir everywhere and is officially certified gold! We can’t wait to see what AKA will bring to Newlands Cricket Stadium on the 9th of February […]

Shekhinah Joins The Heart Cape Town Music Festival 2019! #HCTMF2019

Shekhinah, born Shekhinah Thandi Donnell, is a Pop/R&B vocalist and songwriter born in Durban, South Africa. After singing and performing in musicals for many years throughout her childhood and early teens, the young artist landed her first major gig competing in South Africa’s seventh Season of the hit television show, IDOLS, where she made Top […]

Guess What Day It Is Today?

National Men Make Dinner Day – November 1 2018 We are all about empowerment, in whatever form it takes. National Men Make Dinner Day is all about empowering men to put on an apron, sharpen their knife skills, and create incredible evening meals for themselves, their friends, and their families! Traditionally, women have largely been […]

Mango Groove Returns to The Heart Cape Town Music Festival 2019

If you loved Mango Groove at our last Heart Cape Town Music Festival, you’ll love them again in 2019! The Iconic 11 piece South African band will be performing live as part of our HOTTEST line up on the 9th of February 2019! They have a music career spanning over 30 years, their career has […]

When Last Did You Try Something New? #JustSaying

We all know that Kylie Jenner tried cereal with milk for the first time a few months back, it went viral on the socials! Unbelievable right? Well, it’s true she says she just had the combo for the first time, we were SHOOK! There’s something so precious and scary and fun about a first time […]

We found Toni Braxton’s TWIN!

Beyonce’s Toni Braxton- inspired Halloween costume is a masterpiece, and we cant help but be GAGA over it! the real MVP dusted off her costume closet for one unforgettable tribute to a music icon. In a nod to the one and only Toni Braxton and her self-titled album from the early ’90s, Bey transformed into what she’s […]

Freshly Ground Joins Heart Cape Town Music Festival 2019..

They love people and we love music – we are all about connection between each other, between nations and beyond the borders of age, religion, race and creed. Music matters and they do it all with love… First time performing at the Heart Cape Town Music Festival, we are so EXCITED to see them live […]

Jimmy Nevis Joins the Heart Cape Town Music Festival for 2019!

South African Award Winning Artist Jimmy Nevis joins the Heart Cape Town Music Festival line up for 2019! He has just released a BRAND NEW album – CHIMERA, and we can’t wait to hear it live on stage at Newlands Cricket Stadium. Born and raised in Cape Town, Jimmy Nevis is an alternative pop singer/songwriter […]


PENGUIN CONSERVATION IN ACTION AT PENGUIN PALOOZA IN BETTY’S BAY On Saturday, 27 October 2018, the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB) and the provincial biodiversity conservation authority in the Western Cape, CapeNature jointly hosted their third Penguin Palooza at the Stony Point Nature Reserve in Betty’s Bay. This annual event […]

Next Act for the Heart Cape Town Music Festival…

This morning Tapfuma revealed the next act to perform at South Africa’s BIGGEST festival! GoodLuck is an award-winning, chart-topping live electronic band born in Cape Town, South Africa, and charged with a global sound. Officially launched in 2011, the buzzing trio has graduated as one of the brightest hopes from the South African music scene […]

“Unbelievable Sadness Across South Africa” – PJ Powers… #HeartBreakfast

  Everyone is devastated by HHP’s loss, including PJ Powers… Jabulani Tsambo‚ who was popularly known as HHP‚ had in the past opened up about suffering from depression. Two years ago, he had admitted to attempting suicide three times in 2015 and that he had visited an online suicide website in an attempt to help […]

Second Artist Reveal for The Cape Town Music Festival! Tickets are now LIVE…

He’s bringing the baby oil and the Vaseline and YOU have to be there at “The Cape Town Heart Music Festival” on the 9th of February 2019! He is no stranger to our stage, and we are SO excited to announce that Emo Adams will be a part of our MASSIVE line up for 2019! […]

The Cape Town Heart Music Festival 2019 is ON! Here’s the First Artist Reveal…

It’s the moment we have all been waiting for!! FINALLY, it is here…. The Cape Town Heart Music Festival is making its debut TODAY on Heart Breakfast! We have a MASSIVE line up that will all be revealed over the next 2 weeks and it’s all going down on the 9th of February 2019!! Tune […]

CHOC Foundation Celebrates their 39th Anniversary!

Tapfuma Makina spoke to Lynette Mother (Regional Manager for CHOC) on #HeartBreakfast this morning. The CHOC Foundation celebrates their 39th anniversary!   Childhood Cancer is a life changing , traumatic experience. We exist to serve and support the children, parents, families and communities through their cancer journey to keep more than hope alive.CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation […]

Our Kids need our Support through Exam Stresses

HOW PARENTS CAN GET INVOLVED THROUGH EXAM STRESSES… This morning Irma G spoke to Dr Jaclyn Lotter, Counselling Psychologist and Head of Programmes at SACAP (South Africa College of Applied Psychology) As parents, we often think that because we once wrote Matric exams ourselves, we are perfectly capable of supporting our child through the biggest trial of […]

Brian McFadden from Westlife hits South Africa & Catches up with Irma G Live

Brian McFadden (born 12th April 1980) is a singer-songwriter and TV Presenter from Ireland. He began his singing career as a member of “Westlife” in 1998, during which time they achieved twelve number one singles.   Brian left the group in 2004 to pursue his solo career. He released his debut album “Irish Son”, with […]

Can you run walk? Aden Thomas explores the sport with the Western Province Race Walking Commission

RUN WALKING? About a year ago, Aden Thomas interviewed a run walker, Reggie Hufkie, who he met at the Sanlam Cape Town Marathon. He demonstrated to the team how it’s done, we even held a mini race on the Heart FM balcony – it was quite a story. Stefano Aracena, the chairperson of the Race […]

Grade 11 learner not happy with the shorter school holidays coming up. #HeartBreakfast

Aden and the breakfast team received this whatsapp message from a grade 11 learner this morning. Hi guys. I am currently in grade 11 and recently found out about the very short December holidays coming up. I don’t think its fair to the students who have been working hard this year to only a receive […]

Aden Chats to Dr Darren Green #HeartMindSoul

This morning, the topic discussed during #HeartMindSoul with Dr Darren Green this morning was Mental Health. There were many questions around Mental Health Awareness, but the following stood out from the rest: What are some of the warning signs of mental illness? What should you do if you know someone who appears to have the […]

Bags of Bra’s that are NOT for Sale

This morning Irma G spoke to Lisette, Senior Account Manager for MTN. Lisette spent the last few months spreading the love by taking it upon herself to drive the initiative of collecting bras for the countless and staggering amount of woman in need of this essential item. Bras, a bare basic for any woman. Over […]

BONEY M are hitting South Africa in December 2018!

Boney M are still the only band to appear twice in the ‘top 11 best-selling singles of all time in the UK’ for Rivers of Babylon and Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord. They dominated the European charts in the late 70s and early 80s. 8 albums and 43 years later, the band is […]

The Pregnant Fairy makes her Appearance, Finally!

Finally, a pregnant fairy! LONDON – Britain’s Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle, wife of Queen Elizabeth’s grandson Prince Harry, is pregnant, Kensington Palace said on Monday. “Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Sussex is expecting a baby in the spring of 2019,” the […]

Maths Teacher’s Where You At?

Its World Maths Day! The mathematical problems we always encountered in the classroom, the exercises and the assignments that our teacher has assigned – these are all opportunities to exercise our brains, preparing us for larger and more challenging problems in real life. As we speak, students are sitting in their various math classes tapping […]

Raven Symone chats to Suga about the second season of, “Ravens Home.”

It’s not often you get to talk to a childhood legend! But when you do, you make sure to make it memorable. That’s exactly what we did on Drive326 when the star of the smash 2000’s hit, “That’s So Raven,” joined Suga on the show. Listen Here:


Nothing beats the touch of silver on your skin, especially when it’s your team who’s won the trophy. Suga was joined by the MTN8 Final Champions, Cape Town City as we celebrated the citizens on the show and kissed the trophy a couple of times. Peter Leeuwenburgh chatted about his heroics on the day which […]

Craig Lucas Speaks to Aden Thomas about Coming Out #HeartBreakfast

“The Voice SA” season 2 winner, Craig Lucas, came out to the world that he is gay. Craig joined Aden Thomas on #HeartBreakfast and opens up about his history of depression and mental illness in his family, and he also talks about losing his father to suicide at the age of three. “Suicide and mental illness […]


This year mnarked the 25th anniversary of the loss of Amy Biehl, a young American Fullbright Scholar whose longing and vision for a world where reconciliation was possible had brought her to Cape Town, where she advocated for social justice and change amidst the turbulent anti-apartheid rebellion that ultimately claimed her life. But her dream […]

HE Said YES!

Do women still ask men out, and is it weird for a woman to propose to a man? For some reason, our society still have a tough time embracing the idea of a marriage proposal initiated by a woman. When talking about women who have boldly gone to where not so many have dared to go […]


Since our launch in 2008 as the first locally manufactured range of women’s safety footwear, Sisi has become more than just a brand, it has become a commitment to the women of industry that their needs do not go unnoticed. A long understanding of both the local and African markets has enabled Sisi to recognise […]

Desiree-Anne Martin, critically acclaimed author of, “We Don’t Talk About It. Ever.” Joins Suga in studio.

Desiree-Anne Martin joins Suga and the #Drive326 team and opens up about her journey in her book, “We Don’t Talk About It. Ever.” The book tackles issues which are often deemed taboo, but which need to be spoken about in contemporary society as a means of helping to solve many of the issues women face […]

This week’s Soundtrack of your Life

This week’s Soundtrack of your Life playlist: Norman Cook – For Spacious Lies Fox The Fox – Precious Little Diamond Taylor Dayne – Tell It To My Heart Tracey Spencer – Symptoms Of True Love S-50 – Input Cheryl Lynne – Got To Be Real Danni Minogue – Baby Love Ice MC – Cinema Daisy […]

Toby Kebbel live in studio

British actor, Toby Kebbel which you will recognise from ‘Kong Skull Island’ and ‘Dawn of the Apes’ joins us in studio. Toby is in South Africa shooting the movie Blood Shot, so keep your eyes peeled you might just spot him! Hear more about what he had to say…

Tips for Women At Heart 2018

Its the FINAL countdown to Women At Heart! It all takes place this Saturday, the 25th of August at 1pm.We hope that you have your Havana outfits ready, Ooh Na-na! 🌺 Some tips for the day: Please take note of the new starting time. The doors open at 13h00 and not 12h00 as previous years […]

The Fairy Godmother, Donna McCallum, talks financial freedom for women

It’s women’s month and as we celebrate women in South Africa, it is time to talk openly about an area in which so many women struggle – Money. Donna McCullum joined Suga in studio to do just that! Listen Here:

Jenny Morris opens up Yumcious in the DeVille Shopping Centre, Durbanville

Our favourite Celebrity chef, author, TV personality and restaurateur Jenny Morris has opened a new  Yumcious restaurant at the DeVille Shopping Centre, situated on the corner of Wellington and Durban Roads in Durbanville. #Drive326 were there and broadcasted live. Yumcious™ is a bistro/cafe styled restaurant and if you haven’t been you are definitely missing out. […]

We talk to Ivan Botha, writer and director of the South African movie, Stroomop

This morning Irma G spoke to Ivan Botha, writer and director of the South African movie – Stroomop. The movie is about self-discovery, forgiveness, healing and acceptance. As a team, they travelled daily with their characters on this life-changing journey of survival and discovered all the wonderful and difficult elements of being a woman. Together […]

Caroline Peters joined Irma G on #HeartBrunch

It’s still Women’s Month and we’re joined by Caroline Peters, Who is the founder of Nantes Running Club based in Bridgetown. She chated to Irma G about how running saved her life from a painful past, and how your past can become your power! Caroline was abused and she still carries these scars on her […]

Dr Mmaki Jantjies is the first black South African women to have achieved a PhD in computer science

It’s Women’s month and we’ve been speaking to inspiring women, who’ve shared their stories with you. This morning we’re joined by another such thought leader, this time in the field of technology. Dr Mmaki Jantjies is the first black South African women to have achieved a PhD in computer science and came out tops as […]

Firefighting Superwoman – Baigum Abrahams – joins Suga on #Drive326

Cape Town’s “superwoman” firefighter, Baigum Abrahams, 24, who hails from Strandfontein, is the reigning champion after winning the Toughest Firefighter 2018 competition. Abrahams graduated from Epping Fire and Rescue Training academy and received the overall best student award. Suga spoke celebrated her and she shared some of her thoughts about being a woman in a […]

Aretha Franklin, Queen of soul has passed away

American singer and songwriter Aretha Franklin, has passed away at the age of 76. Over the course of a professional career that spanned more than half a century, Franklin’s songs not only topped the charts but became part of the vernacular. In honor of the Queen of Soul, here is our Top 12 Favourite Aretha […]

Cycle to work the Heart way!

Aden Thomas, Julian Naidoo, Tapfuma Makina, Deon Bing, Jeremey and Vernon Carver cycle to work from Wynberg. See how this unfolded this week… The team prepare for the journey ahead     The team arrive in Wynberg      A bietjie out of breath 😂         Pie stop!     Arrived in the […]

Idols SA Season 11 Contestant, Elwira Standili joins us

Miss Elwira Standili joins Irma G live this morning. Another fearless woman with the most magical voice. Hear about what she is up to: One more song from Elwira   Follow her on Facebook @IdolsSAElwiraStandili

50th Blisters For Bread Charity Family Fun Walk

This year ‘Blisters’ will celebrate a milestone in the history of the event – its 50th anniversary! The first Blisters for Bread fun walk was organised in 1968 by 146 boys from Savio College in Lansdowne. The youngsters set out for a walk of 19 miles (30,5 km) from Simon’s Town to the school grounds […]

National Financial Awareness Day!

Its National Financial Awareness Day today and as much as it’s not a fun realisation talking about our finances, it is important to acknowledge our independence. Remember, retirement is a time to take all those vacations you couldn’t when you were working the daily grind. Financial Awareness Day is a great opportunity to gain some […]

Zelda la Grange speaks to Aden Thomas

Zelda la Grange joins the #HeartBreakfast team in studio who is a former private secretary to Nelson Mandela. Hear more here…      

Chris Tucker joins us on-air ahead of his South African tour.

Suga chats to Chris Tucker on the show today ahead of his South African tour. Tucker became a favourite on Russell Simmons’ HBO Def Comedy Jam in the 1990’s and came to prominence in his first starring role the 1995 cult classic, Friday alongside Ice Cube which also celebrated it’s celebrated its 20th Anniversary in […]

Sara-Jayne King chats Killing Karoline

Sara-Jayne King is a South African journalist and now author, whose career spans more than decade and has taken her across the globe in search of extraordinary people with remarkable stories. Killing Karoline follows the journey of the baby girl (categorised as ‘white’ under South Africa’s race classification system) who is raised in a leafy, […]

Meet Kiara Ramklass, the founder of Marimba Jam

It’s all about #PhenomenalWomen on #Drive326 today. Meet Kiara Ramklass, the founder of Marimba Jam who was also awarded the Amy Biehl “Spirit of Youth” Award in 2012 after the program ran its course. About Marimba Jam Marimba Jam is a vibrant, female-driven company that both performs and teaches Marimbas in Cape Town.  It originally sprung […]


Irma G and the Heart Squad hit the road today, live from our broadcasting van. We love connecting with our people and surprising companies with smiles and cake! Meet the companies we visited: Andy Cab Canopies Manufacture and supply high-quality fibreglass bakkie canopies throughout South Africa. Website: www.andycab.co.za | Follow them on Facebook: Andy Cab […]

Heart, Mind and Soul with Dr Darren Green

Dr Darren Green share with us about Hysterectomies and the depth of side effects and the many reasons why women have hysterectomies done. If you missed it, watch it here … #HeartMindSoul  

#Drive326 joins the Springboks at their training camp

#Drive326 joined the Springboks today at their training camp at the Florida Park, Ravensmead. Even the heavy Cape Town rain couldn’t keep these fans from filling the stands. They brought the gees… As you can see, Jeremy clearly still has goals of being a rugby star!  

Shimmy Isaacs joins Irma G in studio

In celebration of women’s month, Shimmy Isaacs joined Irma G live in studio. Born and raised in the Boland in the town Worcester; Shimmy Isaacs matriculated at age 17 and set her sights on the Mother City of Cape Town to pursue her need and purpose in the entertainment industry of writing and acting. Two-time award winning […]

Do you want to be on Scholar Holla?

Every morning after 7am a lucky school kid gets to chat to Aden Thomas on #HeartBreakfast . You get to represent your school and tell us about your family, hobbies and what you hope to take up as a profession one day. Most importantly, you get to select a song of your choice and send a […]

#TheTotalShutdown March

#TheTotalShutdown march took place across the country on Wednesday, 01 August 2018 as we kicked off Women’s Month.. Women marched to raise awareness around gender-based violence. Lauren Paris from Heart FM news witnessed the March which began in Keizersgracht street, just outside the Cape Penisula University of Technology and proceeded to Parliament where they were […]

This week’s Soundtrack Of Your Life

This week’s Soundtrack Of Your Life playlist: CJ Bloand – Sugar Is Sweeter Basement Jaxx – Red Alert Lidell Townsell – Nu Nu Technotronic – Get Up (Before The Night Is Over) 2 In A Romm – El Trago ( The Drink) Civilles & Cole – Deeper Love Todd Terry – Samba Crystal Waters – […]

Drive 326 chats to Cape Town City coach, Benni McCarthy

Suga and Jeremey speak to Cape Town City coach, Benni McCarthy and owner John Comitis ahead of the game this Saturday. Listen Here: Watch video here: 

Welcome Morne and Arthur to Heart FM News!

We’re ecstatic to announce two new additions to our dynamite team. Morne Esben [left] is a veteran radio newsman who brings a wealth of experience to the station. And Arthur Pose [right] who’s been our Southern Cape correspondent for some time, will now take his seat in our Cape Town studios. Please give these gents […]

Planet Mars is the closest it’s been since 2003!

In 2003, Mars was the closest it’s been to the Earth in 60 000 years. Known as the “Close Approach”, on the 31 July 2018 Mars will be 57 589 547km from Earth hitting its highest point in the sky around midnight. What does this mean for sky watchers? With clear skies, go outside and […]

Carling Black Label #NoExcuse

One in two South African women are victims of abuse. Enough is enough! Isizathu is a powerful new radio drama that inspires action against gender-based violence.   In this 5-part series, we explore the cycle of fear and denial that trap Bulelwa in her abusive marriage. One-by-one, the lies and excuses begin to run out. Can […]

Donating blankets to St Anne’s Home in Woodstock

Our Heart Squad duo are always finding ways to give back to our communities, homes and people ❤️ Today, Kim and Dylan donated some blankets to St Anne’s Home in Woodstock. St Anne’s is a shelter, a space of care and empowerment of destitute for abused and disadvantaged mothers and their children. We would like […]

The Heart Squad took Scholar Holla to a school this morning!

The Heart Squad took Scholar Holla to a school this morning!  Zarah Lewis from Bellville Primary is in Grade 7 and her favorite subject is Maths. She plays the piano and also really loves hip-hop dancing, recently she obtained her Western Province Colours at the SA Hip Hop Championships! 🇿🇦 Zarah loves listening to music, […]

Aden Thomas speaks to Violet Africa, who turned 100 years today!

Aden Thomas speaks to Violet Africa, who turned 100 years today! She told Aden that she was born in 1918 and lived on the corner of Long Street and Dock Road, in a time where there was no electricity, only sand roads and no cars. “It was a lovely and peaceful time” says Aunty Violet. […]

Jam Clothing 100th Store Opening

Jam Clothing are opening their 3rd store in Cape Town in three months time! It’s their 100th store opening nationally and there was so much hype in-store. DJ’s, activities and unbelievable opening specials on ladies, mens and kids international and local brands. The Heart Squad went down to Jam Clothing at Sundown Retail Crossing in Milnerton […]

World Breastfeeding Week | 01 – 07 August 2018

World Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year from 1 to 7 August to encourage breastfeeding and improve the health of babies around the world. There are huge benefits that breastfeeding can bring to both the health and welfare of babies, as well as a wider push for maternal health, focusing on good nutrition, poverty reduction […]

New Podcast Series Introduces ‘World’s First 200-year-old’

Sanlam has partnered with some of South Africa’s most prominent actors to launch a futuristic podcast series on a fictional character known as the world’s first 200-year-old. Nambitha Mpumlwana will star as the world’s first 200-year-old, in conversation with Thapelo Mokoena. Mpumlwana plays Lesedi, while Mokoena is the voice of Lesedi’s great, great, great, great, […]


Rapper AKA has taken to Twitter and has debated whether former US president Barack Obama should hold any relevance to South Africans. On his twitter account he wrote, “I totally understand the relevance and the inspiration of Obama being the 1st black president of to an African American but people try and make it sound […]

Watch Live – Barack Obama address South Africa celebrating the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela

With Mandela Day looming, watch as former president of the United States address the South African public at the Nelson Mandela Lecture.

Back to School Stress is Real

The transition from holiday to back to a school routine can be difficult for many children. It can actually be quite stressful for both children and parents, leading up to the first day back. Kids have literally been living their best lives, and now it’s drawing to a close! Today on Irma G’s show, she asked listeners to share […]

The Foschini Group CSI shows their support by donating 1000 blankets to the #HeartSleepOut

The spirit of 16 Days for Youth clearly lives on as the Heart FM on-air team decided to spend the night outside in the cold in a bid to collect as many blankets as possible for the homeless in the city. Our partnership with McDonalds, made the McDonalds in Green Point our drop-off zone for […]

Heart FM Sleep Out

The spirit of 16 Days for Youth clearly lives on as the Heart FM on-air team decided to spend the night outside in the cold in a bid to collect as many blankets as possible for the homeless in the city. Our partnership with McDonalds, made the McDonalds in Greenpoint our drop-off zone for the […]

Suga tackles the topic of embracing contraceptive education in schools

Some South Africans have come out guns blazing against the proposal to teach school girls about sex education which includes being pro-choice and has accused the government of interfering with parental matters. Suga addressed the issue and posed the question of whether sexual education should be taught in school or if it’s the role of […]

Are You Currently Living Your Dream Job?

Today, Irma G asked listeners what they always dreamt of being when they grow up, and whether they are currently living that dream. So many listeners shared their stories with us, from wanting to be a lawyer to being a nurse and loving every minute of it. Another listener shared that he wanted to be […]

Things To Do During School Holidays

PLAY OR SOLVE THE ESCAPE-ROOM AT THE V&A Kids activity gurus PlayDate (Tokai) have teamed up with Hint Hunt to launch a massive new indoor play area at The Watershed at the V&A. With loads of kids adventure-play areas, birthday parties, group escape games on offer, while mom and dad sit and have a coffee and […]

Suga chats to Monqiue Rockman who plays Pam in the smash hit, Nommer 37.

Drive326 were joined by Monique Rockman and Ben Overmeyer to chat about the new smash hit, Nommer 37. The movie is set in a fictional portrayal of the Cape Flats, wheelchair-bound Randal Hendricks (Irshaad Ally) and his girlfriend Pam (Monique Rockman) have to adjust to his new life after a drug dealing-related incident leaves him […]

Reflecting on 16 Days For Youth

Thank you Heart FM family for your support during the 16 Days For Youth initiative. Reflect on the journey by viewing the below:   Day 1: http://16daysforyouth.com/2018/06/01/day-one-bright-stars-safe-home-kraaifontein/ Day 2: http://16daysforyouth.com/2018/06/02/day-2-seawinds/ Day 3: http://16daysforyouth.com/2018/06/03/day-3-bridges-play-centre-bridgetown/ Day 4: http://16daysforyouth.com/2018/06/04/day-4-paternoster/ Day 5:  http://16daysforyouth.com/2018/06/05/day-5-langebaan/ Day 6: http://16daysforyouth.com/2018/06/06/day-6/ Day 7:  http://16daysforyouth.com/2018/06/07/day-7-darling/ Day 8: http://16daysforyouth.com/2018/06/08/day-8-montana/ Day 9: http://16daysforyouth.com/2018/06/09/day-9-maitlan/ Day 10: http://16daysforyouth.com/2018/06/10/day-10-rise-hunger/ Day 11: http://16daysforyouth.com/2018/06/11/day-11-kleinmond/ Day 12:  http://16daysforyouth.com/2018/06/12/day-12-mount-pleasant-hermanus/ Day 13 & 14: http://16daysforyouth.com/2018/06/13/day-13-greyton-genadendal/ Day 15: http://16daysforyouth.com/2018/06/15/day-15-bishop-lavis/ […]

Dr. Michael Mol talks dealing with bedwetting on Drive326

The 29th of May 2018 marked World Bedwetting Day, a day that aims to raise awareness among the public and health care professionals around this common condition. Dr Michael Mol, who is a qualified and has experience with bed wetters, was on the line to provide a few tips on how to manage bedwetting emotionally, […]

Food, Glorious Food! Melissa Delport breaks down her new book with us on Drive326

Photographer and blogger Melissa Delport joined the Drive326 team in studio yesterday to chat about her new book, WHOLE: BOWL FOOD FOR BALANCE. The book focuses on taking the time to get to know your body, treating it with respect and nourishing it with real fresh food which she deems as the single most important thing […]

The bubbly Janice joined Suga on Drive326 and debuted her new single

Colourful, bubbly and full of life. When Janice steps into the studio you’re bound to have a good time. Suga and the Drive326 team got the chance to hang out with her on the show and of course we had to put her through her paces. She played Weird Word with the team and took […]

Meet the parents: David and Ellerine Green, the parents of Miss SA, Tamaryn Green.

On Saturday night, Tamaryn Green, was crowned Miss South Africa 2018. Not only was social media abuzz with messages of congratulations streaming in, but on Monday morning when the Heart Breakfast team took to the airwaves, the people of Paarl were clearly still lit up by the news of one of their darlings being named […]


Tamaryn Green is no longer just an aspiring Doctor from Paarl. The student from UCT claimed the title of Miss South Africa last night and we could not be any prouder of her. Suga got the chance to catch up with Tamaryn and we showed her the love she deserves. Listen Here:

Basketball inspired Heideveld kid to qualify as a Chartered Accountant, who now gives back to his community.

Basketball on the Cape Flats was the topic of conversation on Heart Breakfast. Aden Thomas spoke to co-founder of an education and sport  organisation who are focus on providing opportunities to young people.  Nathaniel Japhta, grew up on the cape flats. He is a qualified professional and passionate about education and sport. He lived in […]

Author of the book, The De Zalze Murders: The Story Behind the Brutal Axe Attack, Julian Jansen in conversation with Aden Thomas

The Van Breda’s were the perfect family. Wealthy, successful and well-liked. In a luxury estate just outside Stellenbosch they lived what seemed like a dream life. But everything changed overnight. The gruesome murders of Martin, his wife Teresa and their son Rudi shocked South Africa. Julian Jansen, one of the first reporters on the scene, […]


It’s always a great time when PJ Powers steps into the studio. She hung out with Suga and discussed new music, the South African music industry and her journey to sobriety. Listen Here:

Human rights activist, Catherine Constantinides, talks to Aden Thomas about her work in the Saharawi refugee camps

Catherine Constantinides is no stranger to Heart FM. Earlier this year she was one of several activists to spearhead the #savewater campaign.  The former Miss Earth SA, who also serves as executive director of Miss Earth South Africa, led a water saving schools awareness programme with her team to 100 schools in the Western Cape. Besides […]

Don’t Be Late For My Funeral – Diana Keam & Margaret Bogopa Matlala on #HeartBreakfast

Don’t Be Late For My Funeral – Intro Video from Silver Bullet Films on Vimeo. A couple of months ago Aden spoke to a representative from S.W.I.F.T (Sisters Working in Film and TV) ahead of their trip to the Berlin film festival. The #HeartBreakfast team caught up with one of the delegates again, Diana Keam, […]

#HeartMindSoul with Dr Darren Green – understanding your kidneys

Dr Darren Green joined the Heart Breakfast team to chat about kidney health and the various conditions that can affect the kidney’s functioning. He started off with healthy functional kidneys and which indicators you should be looking out for to determine healthy and working functions. He also discussed the signs you should be looking out […]

You could WIN a Hearty Hamper!

We’re all about those Women Crush Wednesday nominations, but this time round Irma G needs your help with re-naming the Midweek Mix feature. The mix is a fresh, new addition to the show and we would love to add YOUR flavour by adding a a new name to it! Every Wednesday from 10am , Irma G […]

Heard on #Drive326 | The Junk Food Debate. When to give your kids junk food?

With junk food being so accessible these days, parents need to think carefully about when they introduce it to their children to ensure they develop healthy eating habits. Suga and the team unpacked this thorny issue, which resulted in a riveting debate on-air. Listen Here:  

To be mayor or not to be mayor? Aden Thomas chats to Patricia De Lille on #HeartBreakfast

Speaking to Aden Thomas on Heart Breakfast yesterday morning, an embattled Patricia de Lille has shadowed President Ramaphosa – laying down her own challenge to the DA to bring evidence against her, or shut up. Ian Neilson insists that he’s Cape Town’s acting mayor today, and De Lille’s mayoral committee has been dissolved. But in […]

Heard on #Drive326 | Our backseat driver is Kamini Pather

Kamini Pather joined us in studio and as tradition dictates, when you walk through Heart FM’s doors, you need  to bring food. Kamini obliged of course, and Suga and the team were spoiled with cake. We also chatted to her about what she has planned for the future and played a few “interesting” games with […]

Heard on #Drive326 | Lady Zamar steps into the studio and proves why she is King Zamar

Royalty reigns in studio as Lady Zamar hangs out with Suga and proves why she’s King Zamar as she plays genre generator. Listen Here:  

Heard on #Drive326 | Happy Birthday Jeremy Harris

We surprised Jeremy Harris with a few messages from some very special people. Listen Here: