Close to 90% of the Western Cape population listen to Radio. It’s with us during many of our daily activities – waking up, driving to and from work, cooking dinner and going to sleep to name a few. That’s why more and more businesses are contemplating connecting with radio’s captive audience.

Here are a few tips that will help guide you to use radio effectively.

  1. Ensure that your radio advertising campaign is focused on an achievable marketing objective that reflects your key business aims, and build your campaign around that objective – e.g. Increase sales by 20% versus the same time last year.
  1. Radio stations have the ability to dissect their audiences so that advertisers can specifically target their intended audience with very little wastage. So, if you’re after a specific market i.e. Sports fans, Jazz lovers, Women with kids, your account manager can help you find the best time slots to reach your target market.
  1. Copywriting – Radio’s “Theatre of the Mind” allows you to get quite creative on a small budget because you rely on your audience’s imagination to visualize the message. Invest in a good copywriter to create this picture if you’re able to. The expense can be challenging for small businesses, so you may have to depend on your own writing ability to create a concise message that captures the mind.
  1. Production – Quality production is vital. You need good voice talent, music and sound effects to support your script and make your ad radio friendly.
  1. The time after listeners hear your ad is just as important as the actual ad itself. Ensure that it’s easy for customers to find you and that all your profiles on social media and in business directories are correct and user-friendly.

Some stations have in-house specialist teams that are able to take care of your radio advertising needs from start to finish. Get in touch with your personal Heart FM advisor now on 021 406 8900 or email to make the most of your marketing budget. They have the expertise and resources required to design your campaign to directly suit your objectives and bring you closer to your desired end result.