In today’s world, there are countless options available to advertise your product or service to your target market, especially with the rise of digital marketing opportunities such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

Many businesses find it very expensive to advertise via traditional broadcast media such as Television, although there are still many opportunities that exist via Radio channels that won’t blow the budget.

Here are a few tips that will help guide you to use radio cost effectively.

  1. Consider reducing your ad to 10 or 15-seconds and pay a fraction of the cost of a full-length ad. A skilled copywriter can effectively communicate your message within these times. You’ll then be able to extend your campaign by running more ads within the same budget or run the same number of ads for less.
  1. Run your ads outside of prime times. Prime-time slots are very popular and thus set at a premium. Typically, the majority of a station’s prime-time audience also listens to the station outside of those times. This allows you to purchase a schedule that reaches the bulk of your audience at a much lower rate.
  1. If it suits your Marketing objective, advertise between Christmas and Valentine’s Day as this is when the demand for advertising across all media drops. As a result, Radio stations normally have very attractive packages on offer during this period.
  1. Regardless of the time of year, Radio stations often have special advertising packages on hand designed to attract new advertisers or special limited promotions that you may not be aware of. Contact Sales executives at radio stations directly to request any special package deals that may be available. This way you end up paying a heavily discounted rate versus full rate card rates.

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